Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cute Freebies!

I have recently discovered a designer by the name of CherryWood Design Studios.
I know that Owls are a big thing at the moment (I love them!)..and there is the perfect owl freebie on their internet site.
Whoooo can resist this cutie? I bet it will be so cute stitched up..I think it shall go into my "to do" pile!

Here is the link if interested!

Make sure to check out the other freebies on their page cute!

Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

~Sweet Sixteen!~

Our daughter turned Sweet Sixteen! I wonder where the years have gone...
I remember what feels like yesterday sewing her Raggedy Ann dress...
Our little "Annie" is growing up so fast..I really did try hard to keep her little..but the years slipped through my fingers and she is now a beautiful young lady!
Her cake turned out perfect. Her party theme was "polka dots", we saw to it that her special cake would be adorned with many dots too!

She also had a special "Cookie Cake"..I love these! They are so pretty, the kids loved it, and the shop did a great job at decorating:
The house was jam packed with many guests, family and friends. I prepared trays of many goodies to munch on, and also prepared all the food a day ahead of time:
I filled glass hurricanes with Skittles candy and placed a small tealight candle in a small glass holder inside the hurricane for a beautiful glow with candy "dots" around!
Dinner was delicious with baked ziti, sausage and peppers, cuban sandwiches, potato salad, garden salad, spanish rice, cocktail meatballs and many other things.
I dipped strawberries in chocolate and wrote in white chocolate on them for decoration:

Some guests traveled from other areas, as far as New York!
Our daughter received many lovely gifts..
An adorable stuffed Owl was one of her favorites!

 A pretty figurine...This was given to me when I was 16! I had forgotten about this until a relative gave it to our daughter for her special day....
 Special favors for the special guests...
Hershey chocolate bars wrapped in personalized wrappers:

Homemade lollies that I made ahead of time out of chocolate. Chocolate and vanilla pops wrapped with polka dot ribbons and personalized ribbons that say "Sweet 16"!
I had purchased polka dot fabric (2 yards) at Hobby Lobby to use as a table cloth..I will now cut it up to make some throw pillows for my daughter's bed, for a remembrance from her Special day!

So much fun with Friends!

Time for Cake!

We Love You Annie!
Happy Sweet 16 ~ Our Angel from Heaven!

Momma, Dad, and Big Brother :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

New Things

I decided to take a little drive today and treat myself. I was headed over to a local stitch shop, then decided to stop off at one of my favorite Antique Shops on the way called Enchanted Antiques . Oh my! This shop is absolutely filled to the brim with the most gorgeous things! I couldn't wait to see what they had put out for the Fall/Halloween season. I was not disappointed, the shop was beautifully decorated once again!
I found two little things that I could not leave without. A little "Prim" (as in primitive!) doll..isn't she ADORABLE! I love the little stitched saying on her dress..a simple little "Be You". Sweet!
Then, as I meandered around..look at the little bag of itty bitty candy corn! Are they not adorable? I believe they are made out of some sort of resin and are painted and sanded for that time worn look
...I could not do too much shopping for I knew if I wanted to get to the stitch shop and then to the church for my daughter's arrival from school I was short on time. I was busy before this food shopping and having lunch with my wonderful son.
Then..I headed over to the stitch shop and picked up two magazines I have been wanting. Just Cross Stitch Halloween Collection and Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments issue for this year. I have to say, they are both fantastic! Most recently I had seen this adorable chart by Bent Creek titled "Quaker Moon". I had picked that up also.
It was a very good day! I cannot wait to decorate for the Fall season. I am thinking I am done with the hot humid weather that Florida brings. Some new things happening on the home front..but will have to wait a bit to mention what they will be. They are of the good sort of things though :)
I am presently working on a Lorri Birmingham Design that must get finished before the end of October. It is for a darling baby that will turn one soon. We are invited to the birthday and look forward to giving this sweet little Angel something to hang in her progress so far:

Many color changes in Lorri B. Designs...but well worth the effort. The designs usually end up being beautiful!
This design is from this leaflet:
While I was out shopping with my son, we came across some interesting packs of chewing gum. I think this is new, I have never seen it before..we decided to try it out. WOW! Tastes just like eating apple pie. (hee hee!) This will be very good for my the way, I have lost 10 pounds so far! :)

I came home from my little outing and was surprised to find a treat in my mailbox as well! My sweet stitching friend Kerri sent me a Raggedy Ann pattern by Gloria and Pat Designs. Thank you Kerri!!
Well, that's about all for now. I am going to go do a little stitching for tonight and go through my new magazines..I cannot wait to look at all the beautiful new designs the pages hold!
Blessings to each and everyone of you!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pretty Butterfly

We are getting lots of butterflies coming into our yard. It is such a treat to watch them fluttering around!
Here is another picture I snapped:

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Stepped out front and snapped a couple of photos..
looks like baby dragonflies are plenty here in this part of town!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Backyard Visitor

Earlier today I heard a screaming outside...
I went to see what all the clatter was about.
There was this very large bird flying around, then landed in a tree. I ran to get my camera, and this is what I snapped:
I thought it to be an owl at was up quite high, had to zoom in with my camera..
After looking at the photo, It didn't look like an owl to me anymore...I thought perhaps a hawk.
I am not so sure about either, if you look at the beak, it is straight and not hook billed.
It appears to be a young bird..although large in size.
It has the sweetest face!

Anyone know what type of bird this might be?
***Edited to add***
Thank you to Abbie for your comment...I looked at the photos of a Swainson Hawk..but not sure the markings on the chest are just alike or not..I did look up Red Shouldered Hawk and noticed the chest has the same color marking and horizontal lines as the bird in my picture. The straight beak stumps me though! Might just be the picture itself and it's beak really isn't straight at all...