Saturday, August 6, 2011

Following the "Spark"!

Ok, well, a little of what has been going on by me...
I have joined the Sparkpeople bug! It is a wonderful site on the internet that tracks your calories and what you eat, for a healthier lifestyle.
I must admit, I love food. I love cookies, cake, ice cream, chocolate, and potato chips. But, sadly with loves my body too!
I have decided to start eating a little healthier. Now, I must say, this is a bit hard, being used to eating french fries every time we eat out!
There is no greater word with conscious eating than the word "NO". You heard that right , "NO"!
I ask myself..."do I want that ice cream bar, well, yes..but, do I NEED it?" "NO"!! NO, NO, NO!
This has been working for two weeks so far. Sparkpeople is a great way to keep track of what you are eating, and tracks your exercise too. I haven't gotten as far as the exercise part yet..but hopefully one day soon, I will be tracking something. :)
Now, don't need the good Lord in this program too. You all know he is watching you and there right along side you! Yes, I believe in prayer when I am trying to lose weight. It truly helped me years ago when I lost a lot of weight and I thank God for his help. After all, HE is the one that created each and everyone of us!
Sadly, though, I have gained back and am on the road to becoming healthy once again. There is no time like the present.
Anyways, enough of that, I will show you what I had for lunch today:
I made a wrap with a sundried tomato flatout bread, turkey, lettuce and tomato. I cut up an apple on the side, and sprinkled cinnamon on top. I just love apples with cinnamon! I still felt hungry after that..yes, I have big appetite! So, I grabbed a banana. Much healthier than what I was eating..the daily lunches for me consisted of some sort of sandwich with fries, or potato chips!
So far I am down about three pounds. Not much so far, but it is better than gaining!
In the meantime, I am waiting patiently for the Fall season! I love to bake, and begun some baking today. I made Mexican Wedding Cakes and  Pumpkin Bread..I added chocolate chips to my recipe for the pumpkin bread. Delicious! Now, I am trying my hardest not to nibble on these delicious treats! I made them for others to enjoy.

The house smells pretty amazing at the moment!
I have been stitching on many things..mostly UFO's. This is a little piece I am almost done with..this is the second time I have stitched this design titled "Black Needles" can find the freebie HERE .

As I sit here typing, my Dear Husband called me to the window..Look who came to visit our front yard!
Absolutely breathtaking! What a pretty butterfly. Makes me happy to see it is enjoying the flowers we planted in our front yard!

Well, I am off to wrap up the baked goodies.
See you soon!
Raggedystitches and Blessings to you,


  1. Your lunch looks delicious! Looks like we're in this together; I just told my husband yesterday in the grocery store that I'm trying to eat better again. We even bake alike. After all, what's pumpkin bread (or banana, for that matter) without the chocolate chips???

  2. Yayy... keep it up Louise.
    I, too, am fighting the battle of the bulge. I noticed my weight gain overnight when I hit menopause. I suddenly lost my waist!
    My lunch is the same everyday (yes I am a creature of habit). I eat a wrap with turkey, lettuce, one slice of lo fat swiss cheese, and a bit of cranberry sauce...(rather than mayo). Of course I bake my famous toll house cookies every week..just for me. :)
    I eat one cookie for lunch dessert and one cookie for dinner dessert. So far my weight just stays the same. I would love to lose 10 lbs, and at age 63 since I don't eat between meals, the only thing missing is the exercise. I hate it! Unfortunately stitching is a sedentary hobby. Fall is coming... which means cooler weather so I will try and get out for walks. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.


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