Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Faith, Hope, Love"

"The Greatest of These is Love"
My newest finished stitched piece. Little House Needleworks design. Stitched on 28 Count Cashel Flax Linen over two with DMC threads.

Love this design! :)
I want to thank those of you that posted to me about my surgery mishap! I am still in pain..(a week and a half later)..but , I think it is a little better than it was. It has to get better right?! Lots of hot packs to my face and motrin. I did volunteer with my daughter was so hot outside, about 100 degrees here in Florida! We were under a big shade tree though, so it wasn't too bad. (trying to convince myself)! HA!
We had the easiest job I daughter and I sat at the table and were the cashiers for the garage sale. I made sure I brought lots of cold water and snacks. They too had extra cold water if needed.
My daughter has now completed all her volunteer work for the entire school year already! She said that she wants to continue being as she enjoys doing things for the church. Makes me smile!
We will probably be decorating the church for Christmas time too.
I would like to get back on a proper eating plan again, the surgery has disturbed normal eating habits, although, I have been trying to eat properly, even if it is food that is all cut up.
I have lost about 8 pounds!
Instead of grabbing chips for snacks, I now grab grapes, apples and almonds :)
I haven't been tracking on Sparkpeople for a couple of days though, with my not feeling well, I let it go for now.
I was hoping to stay home and rest for this afternoon and evening..but it looks like the little lady of the house is preparing for a shopping trip. LOL!
I guess I will be taking her to a store or two. She is such a good girl and deserves all good things. As does our son. We are truly blessed with such wonderful kids!

I have taken notice that I am up to 100 followers!! WOOHOO!~ So exciting! I appreciate each and everyone of you that loves to visit my blog..I think this milestone calls for a giveaway! I will be coming up with something stay tuned! :)
I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday,


  1. Just catching up. Sorry to hear you have had all that nasty mouth trouble. Hope it is all over now. Lovely finish you have. I was reading that scripture last night. xx

  2. Glad you're doing better. Your finish is lovely. When your mouth isn't hurting any more, if you haven't already tried this, enjoy some frozen grapes! They make a very refreshing snack.


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