Saturday, July 30, 2011

Great Grandmother's Linens

I was going through more boxes from moving and I came across my Great Grandmother's linens. I don't have very many of dear Grandma passed them down to me. As you can imagine, I was absolutely thrilled with the thought of owning hand stitched linens from my Great Grandmother! I never had the chance to meet her. She had passed on many, many years ago. It is such a blessing to me to have such beautiful linens that I can cherish and pass down to my own son or daughter one day. When I first laid my eyes on Great Grandmother's stitching and embroidery, I now know why I too love needle and thread! Needlework has been in the family many years, and it is in my blood :)
I must say my Great Grandmother did a beautiful job of embroidery and stitching, and I wish I had the honor of knowing her personally.
But, I am pleased and it overflows my heart with joy that I can honor her and take care of the items she put needle and thread to. Some of the linens have turned yellow with age. I am hoping I can restore them somewhat with cleaning. They have been stored for quite some time now.
I look at her work and can just imagine all the time she spent stitching and pouring her heart into her embroidery. Little did she know that years later there would be a Great Granddaughter, that would treasure her handwork for many more years to come!
I hope that the needlework I create would be saved and treasured by my own children. I believe that these pieces are truly heirlooms and something that can not be duplicated. Each and every piece tells a story of a time long past.
I wish I had a photo of my Dear Great Grandmother, but I do not. Her name was Madelina.
Aren't they absolutely stunning! I am very blessed indeed. My dear Great Grandmother has blessed me tremendously with her loving vintage embroidery!



  1. My great-grandmother was also wonderfully talented, but her stitching was more in a seamstress vein. I do have a couple of her aprons with towels stitched into the waistbands and treasure them.

  2. Very beautiful pieces and lovely things to treasure forever.


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