Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pringles Can Speaker

I really didn't think this item would be as good as it turned out to be!
I am always ordering free things through the mail for my kids. They never know what will show up in our mailbox next. :)
Pringles had a promotion going on where you could send in for a FREE speaker for a Pringles can.
I thought we might as well send for it. It is amazing to hear the songs from my daughter's ipod on this can speaker! It is so clear and well worth every bit of FREE that it was. :)
It uses three batteries..we have to see how long the batteries last..it DID come with FREE Duracell batteries too! What a deal.
Listening to Taylor Swift right now..I just love Taylor Swift! :)
You too can order your FREE Pringles canister speaker..just follow the directions Pringles Promotion

Time to head out and get the rest of the items needed to bake my husbands birthday cake. Today is his birthday and we are so excited for him!


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