Friday, June 24, 2011

Crochet, Crochet!

I am very excited and looking forward to my little getaway with my friends! I have made them each a little something from my hands and heart. I crocheted face cloths and picked up some wonderful Yardley lavender soaps to pair up with what I have made.
I know we are going to have a grand time visiting and shopping. I cannot wait!
Here are the face cloths I have crocheted:

And here they are all packaged up and ready for the giving :)

Yesterday everyone was thrilled to finally get a short thunderstorm with rain. The drought has been so bad here in Florida. You can actually see bits of ash floating in the air with all the forest fires around us. The fog has been so thick from smoke, everyone has been staying indoors for now. Looks like more rain will be coming soon, perhaps more relief for us is on the way!

Wishing you all a blessed weekend!

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  1. I love looking at your crochet projects Louise, and I had forgotten all about the Yardley Lavendar soaps!!! I used to buy and use that all the time in my younger days, and put it in my undies bureau draws to make them smell nice. The soaps go PERFECT with the wash cloths.


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