Saturday, April 23, 2011

My new dining room!

I am so excited! My dear sweet husband has been working so hard on our dining room. He installed an oak floor, and put moldings and painted. He worked so hard on this project and it came out so beautiful!
I remember when I was a little girl and I dug up a broken piece of blue and white china in my parents backyard. Ever since then I have always loved blue and white together. I dreamed of having a special dining room of blue and white with matching china.
Well, at the end of this day, my dream has come true!
My husband worked for hours on end till the project was completed.
He kissed me and said "Happy Easter and Happy 25th Anniversary!"
I could not believe my eyes with the finished results.
I believe the most perfect color blue was chosen!
I wish you all an Easter filled with blessings.
Looking forward to our celebration tomorrow!


  1. Looks nice. Bet you are happy to have so talented and loving husband.
    happy easter!

  2. What a wonderful job your husband did. Your new dining room looks beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous!!!!
    Lucky woman and a special hubby!!

  4. Beautiful dining room.Congrats on 25 long years together too.that is awesome . WE will celebrate 20 this September 17th.


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