Saturday, February 19, 2011

Homespun Curtains

I have been a busy bee!
I am back to work and enjoying every minute of it.
Today was a day off, just for "me" and I have been savoring every minute of it!
Country has always been my favorite theme for decorating. I have purchased a bunch of homespun fabric and started making curtains for the windows in our home.
I picked a red check for the kitchen and completed these curtains today:
I am very pleased with the results!
The walls have yet to be painted..we managed to remove the wallpaper border that was there (what a struggle that was!)..but glad that it is now off the walls and we are on our way.
Next up I will make curtains for the formal dining room.
I have always loved the color blue, and our china is blue and white.
I decided I wanted to carry the "blue" theme from the dishes into the rest of the room.
This is the fabric I picked for the curtains:
This fabric is exactly what I was searching for!
Love designs with petite flowers, and the blue and white is so pretty.
I cannot wait to get started!

**Edited to add..
Here are the finished curtains in blue and white..
I cannot wait to get some color on the walls!

It is a beautiful day here in Sunny Florida.
Hope you are having a nice day too,

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  1. I love your curtains. They turned out great. That is totally my style of decorating also.

    Glad you are enjoying your beautiful sunshine, we are on our 4th staright day of rain BLAHHHH But we need it so I will not complain to much, soon enough we will have 70's again :)
    Take Care


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