Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goodmorning! :)

Busy, busy morning! It is still so hard for me to get up at 6am..I don't think I will ever get used to it.
I dropped my daughter off to school and was looking forward to a nice home cooked breakfast..well....

The toast didn't exactly turn out as I thought it would! :)
I was going to scrape off the burnt part, but decided I was worth a new piece...so, make a new piece, I did.
I had boiled eggs in the refrigerator and had one of those, with a perfect slice of unburnt plain toast, along with a cup of clear tea.

Much better I think, mighty tasty too!

Our family has finally updated our cell phones, it has been years. I didn't realize how out of the modern technology loop I was! I am now an updated Mom who needs to learn how to text I guess.
I love my new phone, and with my excitement, I decided to make my own crochet phone sock. I used what I had on hand, Sugar and Cream yarn in yellow. I like using this yarn because it is cotton, and not as slippery in your hands as acrylic yarn.
I whipped up this sock pretty quickly and I am pleased with the results.
You can find the pattern for this adorable crochet iphone sock at the Lion Brand Yarn website. If you look around, you can find many other wonderful patterns ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Just click here:
Lion Brand website

It looks like the rain may continue for today, very dark outside. We need the rain, though, just as much as we need the sun :)

Now onto exercising (yes, I have been doing a little bit of that!) :)

Blessings to you dear friends and Raggedystitches,

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