Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chicken Soup For The Soul

I am not a big reader..but I do LOVE short stories. I love to read inspirational stories, especially at night before I drift off to sleep.
I have taken a big interest in Chicken Soup For The Soul books. The stories are so uplifting! I spent the day with my daughter going to thrift shops and some dollar stores. I happened upon some really good deals.
I found four Chicken Soup For The Soul books much to my delight!
I look forward to reading a couple of wonderful stories before the night ends.
The two bigger books I found at a thrift shop for two dollars each (can't beat that!)..the smaller books for only a dollar at the Dollar Tree store.
So glad I found these wonderful books tonight, and bless the person that passed them on so I could find them.


  1. I love these books too. I find the stories very inspirational

  2. Reading positive stories/articles can definitely be a spirit-lifter. Thanks for sharing. =)


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