Monday, December 20, 2010

Tea Towels

I have been working on some home-made gifts. This is a tea towel that I embroidered in about an hour! Can you believe it..quick and easy gift, and so cute :)
I plan on putting it together with some home-made cookies.
This is a freebie design that I found at Bird Brain Designs

They have a lot of neat things over at their site. Lots of freebie redwork patterns too!

I have also just finished crocheting another baby blanket..all pink and white this time. I used double yarns, white and pink at the same time...the blanket is nice and heavy. Will certainly keep a new baby warm :)

Hubby is busy working on our house..oooh! It is looking so good. I sit here with my cup of gingerbread tea while the white lights sparkle on our Christmas tree. So nice to have our daughter home from school, it truly is a delight! Our son told us that he bought a Christmas gift for his sister. How sweet is that! :)
Even though they are many years apart, the love is still there.
As we prepare for the birth of our Lord, we reflect on how blessed each and everyone of us is, and it is because of him we are blessed indeed!



  1. Hi,
    Nice little pretty birdie!!! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2011!!! I hope all your dreams come true!!!

  2. I love both projects, Louise. They have some nice freebies on that site. Thank you for the link. :) The afghan looks so cozy and warm. I plan to get back to practicing my crochet after the holidays.



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