Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I am so happy today, I thought I should post about it! :)
The weather here in Florida is absolutely GORGEOUS! I have been outside most of today just soaking in the sun. Picked up some pretty yellow paint for our living room. My husband will start the painting tonight. I am so excited, I cannot wait to have some color on our walls! He has already put down all the wood flooring in all of the house. It looks so pretty!
As I look out our back door, I get to see something you may not see up north... There are beautiful Orange trees! Tasted one, and it is delicious. Many neighbors have oranges in their yards now also, it is the season for picking.

My daughter came home from school early today, I was so happy to see her. I took her out for a Mother/Daughter lunch date. We are going to go through some of the boxes in her room that still need to be sorted out. I cannot believe how many boxes still remain from moving that are unpacked!

I was so surprised last week when I saw my stitching friends for a get together. My dear friend Lynn gifted me with a new Little House Needleworks ornament chart titled "Under The Tree". I guess I haven't been paying too much did I not notice this was available! There is a sweet little Raggedy Ann holding a present on it!!! Lynn also included the beads for the popcorn garland that is stitched onto the design, along with a piece of 30 count linen.
I was so thrilled that I have already started stitching it. :)

I have also started stitching the 12 Days of Christmas by Jim Shore. This was gifted to me by Kerribeth not too long ago. She also included all the beads! This is going to be a beautiful design...I can tell already! :) I  know though, It will probably take me a long time..but it will be well worth it in the end :)

I am so excited with Thanksgiving coming on so soon. We will be spending it with lots of family. I have many plans for all sorts of delicious treats I will be whipping up, along with the old traditional favorites. Can't wait to be together with the ones we love!

We are still trying to decide which church we want to register to, we have narrowed it down to two we have been attending alternatively. We love both of them, it is such a hard decision! One of them has more opportunities for volunteering..that might be the parish we decide to register with.

Well, it is on to cleaning bird and rabbit cages now, must take care of our babies!
This is a wonderful day full of wonderful blessings. I am thankful for so much. It is a happy day!


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