Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Goodwill treasures!

It is a beautiful day outside today in Florida!
I decided to take a trip to Goodwill. I always meet the most wonderful people while visiting there.
I am always on the lookout for Cornflower Blue Corningware, but didn't see any this time. I did however find some really good things!
I spotted this adorable old Raggedy Ann ceramic container. It is made by the
Bobbs-Merril Company. It is dated 1976. Absolutely perfect for our Raggedy Ann collection :)
I also purchased a really cute wooden shadow box. It is small in size, but I believe it will be just perfect for my thimble collection! :)
I started chatting with a lady while shopping, she was so sweet. I noticed that she had some great finds in her shopping cart too.
Right away I spotted the beautiful wooden frame in her basket!
I told her how nice it was, and that I like that sort of decor too.
She told me she decided she really didn't want it and handed it to me!

Before I walked out of Goodwill, there was a table with some odds and ends..I took a quick peek, and glad I did!
I also LOVE anything with Debbie Mumm designs, and was surprised to see what was sitting on the table. Debbie Mumm spreaders, one box with Santa's, the other box with Snowmen! I presently have the Snowman dishes, and Santa dessert plates for my holiday meals and these spreaders will fit in perfectly.

I think I did well, everything came to about 8 dollars. The spreaders being the most expensive items. They sold the frame to me for 29 cents!

It was a great day today, a very happy day. :)



  1. you did great Louise!!! Love the spreaders you got!!!! Great find!!!

  2. Hi,
    whenever I find something I like I tell my mom I find a treasure (tesoro for spanish ) !!!! All those things you found look so pretty!!!!


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