Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Gift of Raggedy Ann

The other day a neighbor from down the block came by our home with her beautiful daughter. Her daughter was holding on to her Raggedy Ann doll when she came out of their car. Then, her daughter handed her Raggedy Ann to me! My neighbor told me that her daughter knew how much I loved Raggedy Ann, and her daughter wanted me to have her Annie. How sweet is that?!
For a child to give up one of her dollies, this little girl is such a blessing and an angel indeed. I am so glad they are living down the block from us. Her thoughtfulness is such a treasure!
Here is the Beautiful Raggedy Ann she handed to me:
I told my neighbor, I will babysit Annie, just in case her daughter might want her to come back home to her ;)
They truly are raising a beautiful angel of a child! I love her!

Today I went and had lunch with a very dear and close friend. We had such a nice time catching up on old times, and we had a lot of laughs. I enjoyed every minute during our time together today.
When I went later on to her house, she presented me with a very special gift. She says she found this Raggedy Ann and Andy at a church rummage sale! I couldn't believe my eyes when she handed them to me!
Aren't they beautiful! They are so perfect for our collection. :
I am so richly blessed with my very dear friends that are in my life. I know how lucky I am.
I am so glad for living back home again and being close to everyone that matters so much to me.
We lived away from each other for way too long!



  1. Looks like you have great friends of all ages! Enjoy your Annie treasures.

  2. We all love you, Sweetie! You are so precious to us! =)


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