Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beautiful Saturday Morning!

My husband and I got up early this morning...
we purchased a couple of trees to plant in our front yard.
While out there another neighbor came over to say Hello!

The next door neighbor started chatting with me...
he has many beautiful fancy fruit trees in his yard.
He asked me if I had ever had a persimmon before. (I had not)..he went and gathered up a bunch and gave them to us!

Then, as we were busy in the yard...
we heard something overhead...
Our neighbor BOB! Everyone knows Bob, he is so funny and always makes you smile. His sister lives around the block and was our daughter's kindergarten teacher.
(Love her too!)
You see, Bob has some sort of flying recreation vehicle..I am not sure what it is..maybe one of you can help me with this one! :)
It looks like a go-kart...but it has a bright colorful parachute on has a motor and he flies in the air with it!
He usually rides it every Saturday morning from what I am told.
So neat to see him up in the air like that!
This was the view above our house this morning..lots of excitement here!
Moving away then moving back has us appreciate our old neighborhood even more!
We are blessed...
ps...I LOVE Persimmons! yum!


  1. Good morning! Sounds like you are having a great day. My husband had a scheduled power outage today, the boy has soccer -- busy day here but not as cheery as your's. That a neat "thing" your neighbor is flying in. I am not sure what it is either! Blessed weekend Louise!!

  2. Hi Tonya!
    I just found out that "thing" is a two-seater...hmmm...wondering if I can take a ride in it one day...
    ummm...maybe not!
    I would be afraid of crashing! lol
    Have a great day!

  3. They look like what we call Sharon Fruit over here but they may be something quite different. xx

  4. Such a nice neighbor to share trees with you!! It's crazy how much they cost now:)
    Love the pic of your neighbor flying!! I would never be so!


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