Monday, October 4, 2010

Finished Fall Stitchery

I finished my little pumpkin design :)
This is a Harvest Cross Stitch Design I found at the Better Homes and Gardens Website. It is titled, "Count Your Pumpkins"
I have admired this design for some time now..and glad I finally stitched it up!

I am thinking about what to stitch next..I am excited with this time of favorite! Just love pumpkin designs. I have another freebie that I am considering doing..I just might start that today...

I will be visiting the doctor today with my daughter. She hasn't been feeling well for a couple of days now. Possibly double ear infections , as both ears are hurting her..along with her throat. This always seems to happen when she goes back to school!
Everyone passes those germs many students.
She is staying home today, I will take her to the doctor, give her soup and give her extra special attention!

Our new house is looking so pretty. I planted pansies out front, in colors of burgundy and yellow. We put out black mulch..never knew they had the color black! Wasn't sure how it would is fantastic! Goes so perfect with the black shutters and black door. We also added new gold house numbers.

I went for a very long bike ride in my neighborhood last night. The weather was absolutely outstanding! I LOVE this neighborhood we are living in now. Everyone is so friendly, and even if you don't know someone, they always say hello. Much different from the neighborhood we left behind in NC. I am glad we came back home.
We missed it here so much.

I have decided to try to start eating healthier as of today...
I thought if I posted it here, it might stick!! (lol)
I need to exercise and start feeling better.
I am getting older and I need to fight it!!
One thing perhaps I shall ban from looking at is potato chips..what do you think? ;)
That is my one weakness..I believe.. I could live on them..truly I could. :)

**** The Raggedy & Friends BOM Block #3 is up at the painted quilt blog!***
Just click on the icon on my right side bar for Kaaren's blog and directions on how to get her latest block design. SOOOO CUTE! :) Thank you Kaaren!

I wish you all a day filled with many beautiful blessings..
and may all you do be done with love, for LOVE is the greatest gift!


  1. wow, you finished that fast!!! It looks great & makes me want to start that one too......I love autumn & everything associated with it! Colors, smells, tastes, etc...
    I am sorry to hear your daughter isn't feeling well. I bet the little bit of extra TLC from mom will do the trick!!!
    Go for it, with the better eating & exercise....I have been doing this for just over 2 years & it is great!!! I am wearing a size that I would have never dreamed I could wear, after having three kids!!!
    You can do it!!!


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