Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Fun and Frustration!

Well, I started stitching this adorable little Fall sampler stitchery. It is by Heart In Hand, and is called "Autumn Medley".
I was so excited, and all was going it seemed!
It is such a simple design, but I kept making mistakes. I am blaming it on my new progressive contact lenses!!
The eye doctor kept telling me that I needed glasses for up close, when I kept telling him that I didn't need them at all. (not in denial, I only have vision problems for distance)..I can see very well up close.
He prescribed these new contacts for me. Supposedly for distance and near vision.
They seem fine, UNTIL I have to stitch on 28 count or higher.

Anyways...I kept making mistakes on this adorable little sampler. I counted and re-counted..and the mistakes kept coming along.
I stuck with it..until I didn't center the word Autumn correctly.
I then went to frog stitches using my little embroidery scissors.
Well, that did it! I cut through the fabric in several places.
I worked so hard today for so many hours, and then all my work is ruined :(

Now, I tried to re-stitch over the holes..and I cannot.
I don't know what to do..looks like this piece is ready for the trash. I feel so bad about it. I so wanted to stitch this and frame it for our home.
I don't even think I want to start all over again.

On top of it all..I didn't center it on the fabric correctly, so the piece is stitched too close to the bottom of the fabric.
I should have stopped a long time ago I guess :(

Oh well, time to pull out a new project I guess.
The excitement for this one is gone out the window!

I did have a nice day yesterday. I took my daughter to a pumpkin patch and we found a really nice plump pumpkin to display in our home!
I took some really nice photos while we were there.

Wishing you a Sunday filled with blessings!


  1. How about just ending it above the hole? Or maybe covering it with a cute charm or button?

  2. Hi,
    I'm feeling the same way you are!!!On this project I'm working there is a mistake I can't find it so now I have rip like three times and have not found the error so now I said to myself I will just leave like that and go on!!! I don't have too much time to finish. The fabric all ready looks so ugly from riping it out!!! All nice pumpkin patch I bet it was so fun to go there!!!!

  3. oh the frustrations! I know exactly how you are feeling.....I hope you are able to make it work..
    Love the autumn pumpkin pictures!!! After our trip to the pumpkin patch last week, I am ready to start a pumpkin patch farm of my own & open it to the public!!!

  4. I'm sorry about your piece. Maybe it's one to use for a RR. That might get your mojo back for it.


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