Friday, July 9, 2010

Why go to Church?

I have been asked this question a time or two.
I truly enjoy going. I feel a closeness to God, even more so than I do at other times. I enjoy sharing in the celebration of the Eucharist with other Christians during mass also, When praying the "Our Father" and holding hands with each other. Wishing each other peace..
It is not just spending an hour for is cherishing wonderful time on Sunday's with my family and our Lord.
It is dedicating time to our God and all he has done for us.
It is asking forgiveness. Asking for prayers for others, or perhaps for myself.
I love my Catholic church, and everything about it.
I have found a page on the internet with some good reading..

Why should you go to Church?

You go to church :
As an expression of your love for God
It builds up your spiritual strength
It builds special presentation of the Lord's presence
It provides fellowship with other Christian's
It is an act of obedience to God
It provides accountability to spiritual leadership
It combines our spiritual strength in prayer
It honors the Lord's day

If you click the link above, you can read further into this if interested. I hope you might be a little bit interested!



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  1. I HAD to open the post to see what you had to say. Love it!
    We go to a bible believing church & we love it!!!!!


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