Friday, July 2, 2010

Stitching Friends Meet!

Years ago I joined in on a secret Pals cross stitch group. I was paired up with a very special person. Little did I know how much our friendship would grow over the years!
When her name was revealed, I was overjoyed to remain friends with her and we continued to keep in touch regardless of the many miles that always were between us. There was in instant bond of friendship. I believe God played a hand in pairing the two of us together!
We must know each other at least 13 years through emails, letters, cards and phone calls. All this time, getting to know each other and our friendship has grown. Sharing milestones with each other, happy times and sad times.
It is always such a special treat receiving a package from Jackie in the mail!
She always sends the BEST stuff!! :)
Well, the day has finally arrived.
Her husband was traveling with his job, and it just happened to be in a location not too far from our town. I was delighted to know that there was that possibility that we could finally meet after all these years!
I couldn't wait for the moment to arrive.
It was like family was visiting me :)
That is really what Jackie and her family is to me.

We had a wonderful time. I had invited them for dinner and dessert.
Jackie surprised me with the most beautiful gifts that she made on her sewing machine. I couldn't believe my eyes!
They are the most beautiful table toppers that I will treasure forever.
She gave them to me as a housewarming gift for our new home. They will look absolutely perfect in my new dining room. Thank you so much Jackie!

Jackie, I look forward to when we can be together again one day. You are so very special to me and always will be. I am so glad that I was able to meet your husband too. What a great guy!
You must tell him "thank you" for bringing you all the way here to meet me :)

I don't have to ask how long I will be friends with Jackie...for the answer is "Forever" :)

Friends are truly the family you choose!



  1. That is lovely. I am glad you were finally able to meet. x

  2. How wonderful for you!

    Love your 'birdie spa' from the other day!


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