Sunday, June 13, 2010

Birdie "SPA"

I just had to put this on my is the funniest site I see each day when I look out my window!
We did this last year and found that it really worked well for the birds outside.
You know those plastic containers that the sandwich meat comes in?
Well, we decided we could recycle them and use them for the birds.
We clean them up really good, fill them with fresh cold water, and place them outside on our deck railing for our feathered friends.

Usually we keep one out at a time..but I am thinking maybe perhaps we should start putting out more than one. They are starting to fight over who gets at the "spa" first!
It is the funniest and cutest thing to watch out our kitchen window everyday.

I decided to take out the camera and take some pictures. We have all sorts of birds visit, doves, robins, cardinals, even blue jays!

Here are just a couple of pictures for you to see.

The robin decided he liked it so much, he just sat there as if he was floating in the water. It was so histerical! I told my husband I was going to run and get the camera upstairs.. I thought for sure he would be gone by the time I came back downstairs to take the picture, and I couldn't believe my eyes when he was STILL sitting there in the container of water..he really had gotten a cooling off I suppose :)

The birds seem really happy with the little sandwich meat container filled with water..they bathe and drink from it..I usually have to refill it twice a day.

Love my feathered friends!



  1. What a great idea! I think I'll get my birdies a spa treatment today! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Wonderful idea, I just put a bowl of water on our balcony, we have a nest of Doves so I know mama bird will need water. The nest is on the other side of the house I dont want to attract any predatores. The babies are still so young.
    Take Care


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