Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Middle School Craze

I remember when I was back in middle school, we had all sorts of fads.
I remember the headbands, I had a really neat braided one that I wore.
We also wore sweatbands for a while on our wrists...
then there was the leather pocket books that folded over on the top..I think every girl had one.
I remember the Painters pants, the mood rings...
I always wondered who started these fads, and it was amazing how fast the trends grew among the kids!

Our daughter came home tonight telling me about a new fad that started at her school. I usually don't run and buy everything she tells me about, but this was a pretty reasonable item. :)
She does extremely well in school and works very hard.
I promised her that I would run up to Walgreens this evening with her and she could pick out this treat.

I thought they would be more substantial than this..after all, it is the latest craze, and when she told me they were bracelets, I expected something really nice..perhaps costume jewelry?

I just smiled when I saw what she pointed out!! (Although I found it quite amusing!!) The girl that works at Walgreens told me that tons of parents had been in the past couple of days to purchase these "special" bracelets and they had to order more. She said they are flying off the racks and shelves!!


here they daughter is very excited that she will be sporting her new look tomorrow at school!~
They are basically, just shaped rubber bands in different colors.
They lose their shape when you put them on..but when you take them off, they regain their shape again. They are cute, but just rubber bands!
I was concerned before I bought them if they would be too tight on her arm..the girl at the store assured me they are loose when worn, and she is correct. They are not tight at all, even on me.

They are cute! ...and just in my price range. :)

Wondering what the next fad will be......


  1. How simple...cute. My mantra is 'Keep it Simple', these really do.

  2. I saw those at Hallmark the other day and wondered why they were at the counter. The things you learn!

    My favorite of those fads was the charm necklace.

  3. I remember them fads as well. I think my favorite was the leg warmers fad. These bracelets are cute and simple . . . not a bad fad at all!


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