Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Made a cake!

I decided to surprise my hubby with a special cake for our anniversary.
I wanted to come up with something that he would like..I checked out the pantry and googled and googled the internet...finally I came up with my OWN idea!
I prayed that it would work out, and wow! It did!
I substituted lemon juice for water in a cake mix..and made a very special lemon icing..this made for a PERFECT bundt cake!
Who knew? I knew I could bake..but I just seem to keep out doing myself. :)
Although we had already had a special time out this past weekend for our celebration, I wanted to make a very special night tonight for us at home. I made a nice dinner, and wanted it to end with a nice dessert.
Looks like there will be lots of cake in our house tonight. My husband arrived home with a cake he bought for me!!
Some sort of chocolate fudge truffle type masterpiece he picked up on the way home. Topped off with flowers and Turtles candy.
Did I tell you how great this man is?
Now, I will share my super easy recipe for my delicious melt in your mouth lemony bundt cake, all you have to do is go to my recipe blog! :)

2Stitchin sisters recipe blog

Now off to celebrate!



  1. Happy Anniversary!!! The lemon cake sounds yummy!

  2. Your cake sure does look yummy Louise!

  3. Happy anniversary! That cake looks GOOD!

  4. Yummy!!! Hope you had a wonderful and Blessed Anniversary!!!


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