Thursday, April 29, 2010


I was hoping to find a nice chart to stitch for my daughter's religion teachers.
I wanted to stitch them a little something from my heart to thank them for all they do.
They volunteer at our church to teach the children about God, and are such wonderful people! We appreciate them so very much and want them to know how very much they are appreciated..
I found this free chart on the internet and thought it was perfect!
I have already stitched the first one, I have one more to stitch. My daughter has two teachers this year. I will mat and frame both pieces.
This is a Cindy Mae design. I have stitched it on 28 count evenweave with DMC threads, you can use any color of your liking.
If you would like the chart, click HERE!

Thank you Cindy Mae for such a beautiful Freebie!
Please look at all her other delightful freebies, they are wonderful. :)


Monday, April 19, 2010

Teen Valley Ranch Christian Retreat

I spent the weekend with my daughter away in the mountains this past weekend.
It was absolutely WONDERFUL! We went on a Christian Retreat with our Catholic church.
There were teachings, music, prayers, small group gatherings and lots of fun.
We truly had a wonderful time. The TVR camp is set in the beautiful mountains of Plumtree North Carolina. The weather was absolutely perfect!
There were many activities, among them was horseback riding. It was so nice to spend a weekend away with such special people. The retreat ended with a special mass at our church. The rest of our family was there waiting for us to arrive and we all attended mass together.
It was good to be back home, but I am so glad we had this wonderful opportunity.
It was a true blessing!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Middle School Craze

I remember when I was back in middle school, we had all sorts of fads.
I remember the headbands, I had a really neat braided one that I wore.
We also wore sweatbands for a while on our wrists...
then there was the leather pocket books that folded over on the top..I think every girl had one.
I remember the Painters pants, the mood rings...
I always wondered who started these fads, and it was amazing how fast the trends grew among the kids!

Our daughter came home tonight telling me about a new fad that started at her school. I usually don't run and buy everything she tells me about, but this was a pretty reasonable item. :)
She does extremely well in school and works very hard.
I promised her that I would run up to Walgreens this evening with her and she could pick out this treat.

I thought they would be more substantial than this..after all, it is the latest craze, and when she told me they were bracelets, I expected something really nice..perhaps costume jewelry?

I just smiled when I saw what she pointed out!! (Although I found it quite amusing!!) The girl that works at Walgreens told me that tons of parents had been in the past couple of days to purchase these "special" bracelets and they had to order more. She said they are flying off the racks and shelves!!


here they daughter is very excited that she will be sporting her new look tomorrow at school!~
They are basically, just shaped rubber bands in different colors.
They lose their shape when you put them on..but when you take them off, they regain their shape again. They are cute, but just rubber bands!
I was concerned before I bought them if they would be too tight on her arm..the girl at the store assured me they are loose when worn, and she is correct. They are not tight at all, even on me.

They are cute! ...and just in my price range. :)

Wondering what the next fad will be......

Mystery Surprise!

I was so excited to open up my mailbox today!
There was an envelope waiting in there for me with special goodies inside :)
I had entered a contest on the blog of Dip Diddly Designs
and I won a mystery surprise...

Thank you so much Jolene! I LOVE everything!!

This is the beautiful package I received today in the mail:

First, the cutest little note card with a little brown bunny on it, so adorable!
A beautiful fob kit called "Liberty Scissor Fob" by Sheperds Bush
A gorgeous pair of putford scissors by Kelmscott designs in a black matte finish.

What a wonderful mystery surprise to receive in the mail!
What a sweet treat!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Made a cake!

I decided to surprise my hubby with a special cake for our anniversary.
I wanted to come up with something that he would like..I checked out the pantry and googled and googled the internet...finally I came up with my OWN idea!
I prayed that it would work out, and wow! It did!
I substituted lemon juice for water in a cake mix..and made a very special lemon icing..this made for a PERFECT bundt cake!
Who knew? I knew I could bake..but I just seem to keep out doing myself. :)
Although we had already had a special time out this past weekend for our celebration, I wanted to make a very special night tonight for us at home. I made a nice dinner, and wanted it to end with a nice dessert.
Looks like there will be lots of cake in our house tonight. My husband arrived home with a cake he bought for me!!
Some sort of chocolate fudge truffle type masterpiece he picked up on the way home. Topped off with flowers and Turtles candy.
Did I tell you how great this man is?
Now, I will share my super easy recipe for my delicious melt in your mouth lemony bundt cake, all you have to do is go to my recipe blog! :)

2Stitchin sisters recipe blog

Now off to celebrate!


24 years

I can't believe how fast the years have gone by.
Today is a day we celebrate our anniversary, our union as husband and wife.
Although we were very young when we married, we were so in love!
We have been through a lot together over these years, and with each event our love has grown stronger. We have been blessed with two beautiful children, a son and daughter.
I love you Patrick, I always will....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Special Visitor

We had a little visitor come by our house today...
He was just a little guy..
I scooped him up and took him inside..just for a little while.
He was too cute!
I snapped a picture, he looked so content on my daughter's quilt, but knew he should be set free....

It was nice to find him in our yard today!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sweet Bird Sampler Freebie WIP

Things have been busy here in our house. The weather is absolutely beautiful now outside! I hear the the birds every morning outside my window, it is truly delightful.
I have started stitching up this small sweet bird sampler by The Sampler Girl. It is a freebie on her blog. (Thank you so much Tanya!)
I absolutely LOVE all of her beautiful designs.
I would suggest you stop by her blog and check out her stitcheries, I know you will love them as much as I do. So pretty indeed!

Here is the link for the freebie:
Sweet Bird Freebie

The Sampler Girls site can be found here:
The Sampler Girl

Wishing you a beautiful day!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Frugal Living!

WOW! Look at this wonderful, I mean WONDERFUL place I found on the net!
It is called "Frugal Living and Having Fun" and it is a great place to find all sorts of good things..there are recipes, rebates, FREEBIES!!

Who doesn't like freebies? I know I love them. Nice to get a surprise in your mailbox every now and then. I just signed up for the Jiffy recipe booklet myself.

What a neat site! Thought I must share, too good not to!

Just click on the little banner to take you there:



Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Celebrations

Easter is upon us!
A beautiful time of year. Our family is very excited to be celebrating this wonderful day. We will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus and we look forward to attending a wonderful mass at our church.
I have been baking today, and made my annual bunny cake. My daughter and I had fun coloring Easter eggs. I think my fingers will be different colors now for quite a long time to come!
We are very excited for tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be beautiful!
Here are some pictures I took today, one of our rabbit, he just loves Easter too. :)
From our family to yours, blessings to you, He is Risen!!