Sunday, March 21, 2010

Andy Boy

Well, since our bird Sunny has passed, our other bird "Andy" has been screaming non- stop. He does have a habit of being loud and does scream on and off each day, but not as much as he does now.
It is almost unbearable!
We are thinking perhaps he thinks we took Sunny away from him?
The only time we can quiet him down is when we cover his cage..but we can't leave him covered all day long..
We are at our wits end :(
We have given him treats, let him walk around on our shoulder, paid so much attention to him..then as soon as we put him back in the cage, he is back to SCREECHING again!
It is not a normal whistle, or a cute little noise, it is a loud scream.

Anyways, I had covered him once again for a little while and decided to do some baking!
I made a full Irish soda bread today.
I found the recipe on the internet..and boy did it ever come out delicious!

You can find the recipe on my recipe blog HERE

I do feel badly for Andy, as we also, like him are grieving for the loss of Sunny. We have discussed perhaps maybe buying another bird, but one that won't learn Andy's scream!
(We are thinking a DOVE)! :)

*****EDITED to Add***
Well, it seems as though dear Andy Boy doesn't want to be in his cage without contact at all times! ...I have noticed that every time I have him on my shoulder he does indeed stop screaming. I guess it looks as though I may have a bird attached to me at all times now! :) he is playing with my hair and chewing on my necklace.
He is such a sweetie! I truly believe that Sunny passing has affected him greatly, by the way he is showing it in his actions.



  1. Sounds like Andy may be grieving and be lonely. My mothers bird died (same breed as yours...infact they looked very much alike) and her Amazon has been squawking and screaming ever since. They used to sing together and keep each other company.

  2. BLess your heart and Andy. Poor thing is lonely. The loss of a loved one is hard. I will pray you through it sweet Louise. Take care,Kimberly

  3. Its always hard to loose a beloved pet!


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