Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Close Companion

Andy is now wanting to be close to us at all times. He is hardly in his cage at all since Sunny has passed. He doesn't screech at all as long as he is with one of us somewhere in the house. On our shoulder, or perhaps close by (on a counter, on a chair). He is presently next to me at the computer while I type, closing his eyes , taking a nap.
I guess he feels more secure knowing we still love him. I know how much he misses Sunny!

Lots to do today.I am cleaning out the house and have so much to do! I will be baking tonight for the church. I love the church we belong to. It is wonderful. We love attending mass each week. The priests make you feel so welcome and you really feel like you are part of a big family.
We also have big future plans coming up in the near future..
Our daughter has worked very hard since last September preparing for receiving the upcoming sacrament of Confirmation in our Catholic church.
We are very proud of her! She has volunteered at nursing homes, shelters, and at the church also. She has also attended retreats.
I will take her soon to pick out a pretty dress.
She has accomplished a lot this year, also made all state for her beautiful voice in treble choir. She was recommended for all honors classes next year.
We are very proud of the young lady she has become!
We are very blessed indeed!


  1. What a beautiful post,congrats to your daughter for all her accomplishments. Happy Andy wants to be such a close companion. Have a great day.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Big hugs, x

  3. Your daughter has grown so much since I joined the 123 mb! Congratulations to her.

    We just lost a bird that was part of a pair for 16 yrs, luckily we have other birds though and his buddy has picked another companion. I was so worried what would happen. I would have liked him to want us though!


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