Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ornaments and finds

I finished off my PS Santa ornament. Used a pretty gold trimming for hanging. This will look nice on our new Christmas tree for this coming Christmas. Spent the morning running errands and stopped off at Goodwill to drop off more things that someone else might make use of. Of course I had to go inside! ;)
Yes, I found some treasures. I saw these two little Goebel angels, and even better, I found another piece to add to my cornflower blue collection of corningware!
The inside is scratched up quite a bit, but I don't mind as it won't really be seen when it is filled with food. :)
Slowly but surely I will have enough pieces to maybe consider myself having a complete set.
It is very chilly outside still, keep waiting on that warmer weather to arrive..
soon I hope, soon!


  1. Love your ornament!

    Good find on the corningware and the little angels!

  2. Your ornament looks great and I love those little angels!

  3. your PS ornament looks great!!!! I am hoping to get a few of them done in the very near future!
    Got to love Goodwill!!! I always find something that has to come home with me!!!


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