Friday, February 26, 2010

Joke of the Day!

My dear husband Patrick likes to play jokes.
He is always doing something funny and makes us all laugh.
We have an ongoing joke that we have been playing for many years now.
When we lived in Florida we had obtained a rubber roach. He really is NOT a cute little fellow, and we like to pass him on to each other gladly. :P
After we moved to North Carolina, the "Little Guy" disappeared for a couple of years.
I was going through boxes not too long ago and he re-appeared again! Yes, I jumped when I put my hand into the bottom of a box and touched him, for I thought I touched a real roach!

The antics once again started up!
Under the blankets, scaring our the shower behind the shampoo bottle...
on my husbands pillow....he looks so real, you never now where he could crawl next!!

He was found behind our sons lampshade, when the light was turned on, the "little Guy" looked as if he was crawling inside that lampshade..

Well...the "Little Guy" disappeared again for a while. I haven't really thought about him much.

I made my daughter's lunch for school and packed up her bag with her rolled turkey sandwich meat, cheese, and snacks.
I went upstairs to see if she was getting ready for school when she informed me that it was Friday and that she could not have meat in her lunch bag today. (Can't have meat on Fridays remember)...
(Her father told her this morning to remind her)..he told her this for a REASON!!

I ran downstairs and took the sandwich meat out of my daughter's lunch bag and proceeded to make her a peanut butter sandwich. I went to open up the bag of bread and put my hand in to take the slices out, and well...I felt something ...
I screamed and JUMPED!
Patrick got me AGAIN! That little roach has made the rounds again, this time in the loaf of bread!

I have plans for my husband. Just wait!

Till next time ...
I will give the "Little Guy" a well deserved rest, for I am sure I scared him more than he has scared me. :P

Time for a PLAN!


  1. yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But how fun to have something fun to share with your family like that. My best friend uses a spider.

  2. Eww Eww Eww I hate any kind of creepy crawlies...


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