Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pin Cushion

Stitched up this freebie design today and made it into a pin cushion. I used 28 count evenweave with DMC thread numbers 3804 and 3021.
I used crushed walnut shells for the filling (just love that stuff!). It is supposed to sharpen your pins and needles as you use the pin cushion too!
This is a freebie from Primitive Bettys, and you can find the freebie by clicking on this link:

Valentine Freebie

I had the day off today and took a trip to Goodwill again...
I think I am their best customer!
We really need new everyday dishes, but I really like the old set from when we first got married. I found some last week of the same exact set, but they were all chipped except for one. I purchased that one plate for a dollar. I need to add to our set, being as we have broken some over the years. I like our old design called "Heartland" very much.
But! Today I meandered over to the dishes and kitchen section today and found a set of four dishes that were in tip top shape. I have a thing for the color blue (along with purple)..and I just couldn't pass these dishes up. They have a nice apple design on them. These dishes are called "Appletime" and were only a dollar each! I am sure we will get good use out of these dishes.
I like the fact that my everyday dishes will be mis-matched anyways..that's the country style right? :)

Although I keep bringing things to Goodwill to drop off I seem to be coming back home with more stuff...this is NOT good.
I had a plan, and I don't think it is working out as well as I thought.
I need to drop things off and NOT go inside..but oh! There are such treasures in that wonderful place!

I am so longing for the warmer weather. I am ready to plant flowers and to spend more time outside. I am looking forward to this summer!



  1. Hi,
    nice pin cushion and looks like you enjoy your trip to Goodwill I have never gone but I bet is intersting store.

  2. Your pin cushion is darling! Thank you for stitching & sharing! I'll be posting it on my blog Friday for ~*Friday Finishes*~.


    Betty :)

  3. Pin cushion is adorable and love those apple dishes. My kitchen is full of apples. Hubby swears if I bring one more dish home he will have to build more cupboards. Silly man. i don't see the down side to his comment.

  4. My gosh, I feel like I have been away from your blog for the longest time! Everything is beautiful and I am really enjoying drinking my coffe and "browsing" your site! love you and everything about you xoxo ~Nicole


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