Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I finished up a pretty new scarf for my beautiful niece for her birthday.
I really enjoyed working on this one.
It is so soft and so warm. :)
I used Red Heart yarn and baby sparkle yarn to make it extra pretty.
I can't wait to see my niece pretty in PINK! :)

Here is a baby blanket that I finished recently...again, I used Red Heart yarn and baby sparkle yarn. Made a big granny square and put a tassle on each corner.
Looking forward to sending it out for a new baby to be! :)


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  1. Beautiful crochet!! One day i will finish my granny blanket. I am on square no. 8?? i think. Just need to get to number 9 and then stitch them all together. It is going to look a frightful sight though - something from my childhood hahaha. x


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