Saturday, January 16, 2010


My daughter has a project coming up for Social Studies on the Declaration of Independence. She is in a group of five and they will dress up for the video they will present in class.
I have been helping my daughter with sewing vests and making Powder wigs from that time period.
Thank goodness for the internet! Such great ideas are out there if you search.
One of the Mom's offered up her house to decorate as the backdrop for the video, and I am helping with the costumes. They plan on putting up a huge American Flag..and I am sure they will be using other props too.
I am sure it will be a lot of fun for the students :)

We had searched everywhere for painters caps for the wigs..but it doesn't seem that they have them available anymore, I checked a home improvement store, paint store, craft store, party store. I wound up going to Walmart and buying clearance baseball hats to use. The hats are now covered with cotton balls (dollar store)!
For the vests, I took a trip to goodwill. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on fabric that I knew would only be used for a costume that would be used once. You can find some amazing finds at goodwill! I found the most perfect color sheet for the vests that were to be used for sewing the vests. Nothing like getting to re-use an item a second time! :)Plus, an extra bonus..I met an amazing woman there while I shopped. I believe God puts certain people in our paths for a reason.

Geneva, what a special woman, I am so glad I met her. She is such an inspiration, and such a light to this earth!
Happy day Geneva!


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