Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bunny Love

Well, Peter has been living it up inside our home most of the winter.
He is so soft and cuddly, just love wrapping him up in a big blanket while we watch tv.
he posed for some pictures again today! :)

crochet for me

On a recent trip to Goodwill I found a really nice ball of yarn. It is an ecru color, and so very soft. The price was only a dollar, and well worth it!
I decided to make myself a nice warm fluffy scarf with it. I finished it up last night, but here is a picture of the WIP.
Can't pass up a great bargain like this, and I knew the potential of what I could do with that yarn!

It is still very cold here, plenty of snow on the ground. We never did go outside in it. It looks so very pretty though, covering the trees and everything is layered in a blanket of white.

Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday,

Saturday, January 30, 2010

We have SNOW!

It started to snow here in North Carolina last night.
This morning I can hear the sound of freezing rain hitting the windowpanes.
We did accumulate quite a bit. I usually run right out and build a big snowman..but it is looking too cold out there right now to me. :)
Of course my husband made another one of his little snowmen by the back door, he is too funny!
It is very blustery outside.
I did take some picture from the windows and doors. If I do go outside, perhaps I will take more.
Looks like a winter wonderland at our house!


Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am invited to a luncheon tomorrow. I cannot wait!
I have decided to make a special dessert to bring along with me to share with everyone.
A friend of mine gave me this recipe years ago. It is very simple to make, and quick!
The results are outstanding, and it looks as if you worked so hard to make this delicious treat. ;)
They look so pretty when put on a special dish to serve.
I have posted the recipe on my recipe blog that my sister and I share.
If interested come take a look, perhaps you might see another recipe you would also like to try!

Recipe Blog

Happy Baking!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pin Cushion

Stitched up this freebie design today and made it into a pin cushion. I used 28 count evenweave with DMC thread numbers 3804 and 3021.
I used crushed walnut shells for the filling (just love that stuff!). It is supposed to sharpen your pins and needles as you use the pin cushion too!
This is a freebie from Primitive Bettys, and you can find the freebie by clicking on this link:

Valentine Freebie

I had the day off today and took a trip to Goodwill again...
I think I am their best customer!
We really need new everyday dishes, but I really like the old set from when we first got married. I found some last week of the same exact set, but they were all chipped except for one. I purchased that one plate for a dollar. I need to add to our set, being as we have broken some over the years. I like our old design called "Heartland" very much.
But! Today I meandered over to the dishes and kitchen section today and found a set of four dishes that were in tip top shape. I have a thing for the color blue (along with purple)..and I just couldn't pass these dishes up. They have a nice apple design on them. These dishes are called "Appletime" and were only a dollar each! I am sure we will get good use out of these dishes.
I like the fact that my everyday dishes will be mis-matched anyways..that's the country style right? :)

Although I keep bringing things to Goodwill to drop off I seem to be coming back home with more stuff...this is NOT good.
I had a plan, and I don't think it is working out as well as I thought.
I need to drop things off and NOT go inside..but oh! There are such treasures in that wonderful place!

I am so longing for the warmer weather. I am ready to plant flowers and to spend more time outside. I am looking forward to this summer!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Things...

I was busy crafting today. I accomplished a lot too...
I finally put the binding onto the Valentines Table topper that I started LAST year. :)
I also finished up the hand quilting on it too...

I decided to stitch up this beautiful design that is a freebie from The Stitcherhood.
It is called "Love".
I used DMC threads for this piece...they are variegated in color and oh so pretty!
I wasn't sure how to finish this piece, but found some fabric in my stash that I knew would look so perfect with it.I decided to make a pretty little pillow.

If you would like to stitch this design, just click on the link for the free chart! :)



Valentine Freebie

I went searching the internet this morning for Valentine freebies. I found the prettiest Valentine cross stitch design! A delicate heart, with flowers and edged in lace. This design is offered by My Nifty Needle. Check out her blog while you are there. Very nice!
I like to share my findings of charts with my stitching friends that visit me, so of course I am posting the link so you can also have fun in adding to your stash :)
I wish you all a wonderful weekend. I will be busy today doing all sorts of things.
One of them being cross stitching for myself!

Valentine Freebie

I am so sorry, It has been brought to my attention that the link for this freebie is now inactive. I believe the owner of this blog has disabled her blog.
:( I have just been informed of a cached I have put the new link for this page..but I do not know how long this will last for. So, I suggest you grab the freebie while you can! :)


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I saw this wonderful freebie cross stitch chart on Cindy Mae's Blog.
It is called "Word of God"
Thought I would share the link with those of you that might not have seen it yet :)

Word Of God



I finished up a pretty new scarf for my beautiful niece for her birthday.
I really enjoyed working on this one.
It is so soft and so warm. :)
I used Red Heart yarn and baby sparkle yarn to make it extra pretty.
I can't wait to see my niece pretty in PINK! :)

Here is a baby blanket that I finished recently...again, I used Red Heart yarn and baby sparkle yarn. Made a big granny square and put a tassle on each corner.
Looking forward to sending it out for a new baby to be! :)


Monday, January 18, 2010

Production Day!

The students joined together for their Social Studies project. They were to put on a video for the Declaration of Independence! What fun it was, my daughter being one of the students. I helped with the costumes (powder wigs, vests, and bows on shirts)
It was great fun!
They had such a BLAST!!
I decided to stay at the house they were filming at.
I think we laughed the whole time.
I cannot wait to see the final clip of the movie they made.
My daughter is the one with the guitar. (This is her guitar that she hopes to learn to play soon with my help) :)

Don't they look great!


Saturday, January 16, 2010


My daughter has a project coming up for Social Studies on the Declaration of Independence. She is in a group of five and they will dress up for the video they will present in class.
I have been helping my daughter with sewing vests and making Powder wigs from that time period.
Thank goodness for the internet! Such great ideas are out there if you search.
One of the Mom's offered up her house to decorate as the backdrop for the video, and I am helping with the costumes. They plan on putting up a huge American Flag..and I am sure they will be using other props too.
I am sure it will be a lot of fun for the students :)

We had searched everywhere for painters caps for the wigs..but it doesn't seem that they have them available anymore, I checked a home improvement store, paint store, craft store, party store. I wound up going to Walmart and buying clearance baseball hats to use. The hats are now covered with cotton balls (dollar store)!
For the vests, I took a trip to goodwill. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on fabric that I knew would only be used for a costume that would be used once. You can find some amazing finds at goodwill! I found the most perfect color sheet for the vests that were to be used for sewing the vests. Nothing like getting to re-use an item a second time! :)Plus, an extra bonus..I met an amazing woman there while I shopped. I believe God puts certain people in our paths for a reason.

Geneva, what a special woman, I am so glad I met her. She is such an inspiration, and such a light to this earth!
Happy day Geneva!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Busy Day

Today will be a busy day.
I am helping out someone who has been ill recently. I baked this morning and will be cooking dinner for their family tonight.
I will pick up some flowers for her to cheer her up. She is such a sweet person, and I am so glad that God gave me this opportunity to help her out as much as I can.

This morning I will head out to my church to help volunteer for a luncheon for a funeral. I have baked goods that I will bring along.
I think it is such a wonderful thing the church does to help grieving families out during their time of need. I am glad I can help be a part of the volunteer committee. Seems as though it is such an easy thing to do, but I am quite surprised that it is usually the same people that always show up. Wish others would think more like the volunteers do.

God wants us to serve him. He wants us to live our lives to do his will.
To help others in their time of need. It is such a good feeling to know you have given time of yourself. We do all have a little bit of time, even in our hectic lives. Just a moment or two can mean so much to someone who is grieving.

After volunteering at the church today, I have to head out to pick up some craft items to help my daughter to make wigs for her group project for Social Studies.
I hope I can fit this all in tonight..but I think I will.

I have started sewing the vests for her group to wear.
They will be doing a video on the Declaration of Independence.

I let Peter Rabbit out of the cage to run around the house this morning a bit..
I had trouble catching him! He was a wild rabbit on the run!
He was chewing on anything his teeth got a hold of.
Silly ole' rabbit!

Time to get ready for church,
I will leave you with this lovely picture of me,
like my dress?
Found it at the thrift shop!
(Just kidding) lol
I wish!

I love dresses like this..always have.
You can put your image in a picture like this too at



Sunday, January 10, 2010


Recently we went on a trip to Florida.
It was nice to go back and visit with old friends. It was so good to see all the familiar places again. It really does feel like home to us.
We didn't realize how much we had put down roots there till after we had left.
Lots of memories were made in Florida..
I snapped some really great pictures on our visit. They have the most unusual looking birds around the area. So much fun to see!
You know you are in Florida when you see the palm trees and the moss hanging from all the trees.
I didn't notice any little lizards running around, but then again I wasn't really looking for them..they are usually everywhere! It was pretty cold out while we were there at Christmas time..perhaps they were hibernating.

Enjoy the pictures!


Friday, January 8, 2010

One Person Can Make A Difference

One morning just before dawn, a man woke early so he could watch the sunrise over the ocean. As he walked along the beach he came across a young girl who seemed to be doing something peculiar. She was picking up starfish and throwing them into the sea - one after another. He asked her what she was doing.

"The tide washes up all these starfish and they can't get back by themselves," she said. "They will die in the sun if I don't throw them back into the water."

The man looked up and down the beach at the thousands of stranded starfish. He couldn't help telling her, "But there are too many starfish to save before sunrise. Why bother? You won't make much of a difference."

She paused for a moment, then picked up another starfish and threw it as far as her slender arm could manage. With a satisfied grin, she turned to the man and simply said, "I made a difference to that one".

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Play dough

My daughter's science teacher asked the students to bring in play dough for a project they will be working on in class.
She said it would be better if they made their own play dough with items they had in the kitchen. We found a great recipe on the internet, and colored the dough with food coloring.
It was lots of fun making the play dough, and I think I had more fun playing with it than my daughter did :P

This was very easy to make and the recipe is as follows:

step 1 Ingredients
Playdough is a classic childhood toy everyone can have fun with, and it's so easy to make at home you'll never buy that stinky store variety again.Basic ingredient ratios:*2 cups flour *2 cups warm water *1 cup salt *2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
*1 Tablespoon cream of tartar (optional for improved elasticity…

step 2 Mix and heat
Mix all of the ingredients together, and stir over low heat. The dough will begin to thicken until it resembles mashed potatoes. When the dough pulls away from the sides and clumps in the center, as shown below, remove the pan from heat and allow the dough to cool enough to handle. IMPORTANT…

step 3 Knead & color
Turn the dough out onto a clean counter or silicone mat, and knead vigorously until it becomes silky-smooth. Divide the dough into balls for coloring. Make a divot in the center of the ball, and drop some food coloring1 in. Fold the dough over, working the food color through the body of the play dough…

step 4Play and store
Play with your playdough- I really don't need to help you there. It's entirely edible, if a bit salty, so it's kid-safe. When you're done store it in an air-tight container. If it begins to dry out, you can knead a bit of water in again to soften the dough back to useability.

We are supposed to get snow tonight. WOOHOO!!!
Wonder if school will be closed for tomorrow?
My daughter really won't get a break from school..the teachers made sure they gave out plenty of reports and projects that are due next week.
This weekend will be full of work for her :(

Peter Rabbit has pretty much taken up residency inside our home..he hasn't been outside in quite some time is just too cold out there.
One spoiled bunny if you ask me!

Will report back on the snow details :)


Monday, January 4, 2010

Crochet and a New Year...

I thought I shall post before heading out to work this morning.
I have been busy doing a little bit of crochet. I was trying to teach myself some new stitches (decreasing, etc..)..
well..that wasn't working out too well!! Grrrrrr!

But! I taught myself the treble crochet stitch, and I must say, I am proud of myself for what I have accomplished! I managed to whip up a beautiful scarf in just two days, and plan to start on another one. It is so soft and the colors are so beautiful!
It only took one skein of Red Heart yarn..with a little extra yarn for the pom-poms...I couldn't locate my pom-pom maker (of course!, Ms. Unorganized over here) I had to try and make them myself by wrapping yarn around a piece of cardboard. Not as perfect as I wanted them, but they look cute :)I used a 6mm aluminum crochet hook. Loved the way it felt in my hand while working!
I am also working on a small baby blanket..which is a granny square..except I am continuing the square and making it very large..possibly 25 to 30 rounds. (Simple enough!)...I am using Red Heart blue yarn and a baby *sparkle* yarn to make the blanket extra soft and pretty.I like to use a big chunky crochet hook for making the blankets.

Here is a WONDERFUL site I like to go to for all sorts of free crochet patterns.
Click on the link and see what you can find! :)
Crochet Pattern Central

I think perhaps I might be a beginner crocheter my whole life...or maybe a beginner crocheter wanna be advanced crocheter ?? :)

I guess I am just happy that I was able to teach myself something of the sort!

All the best to all of you this upcoming New Year.
May you be filled with all good things and may the Lord bless you abundantly.