Sunday, December 20, 2009


We had some snow fall here in NC. It doesn't happen too often in our area, but when it does, it is such a delight!
My husband is too funny...he told me to go to the front door..there was a visitor!
Then, The crafty guy that he is made a "snow bird" too.
Our daughter went out just for a little bit that night, but it was so cold out there!
We have been keeping Peter Rabbit inside now for days.

I have been staying inside too keeping warm and stitching up my own storm :)


  1. I want to kiss that bunny! What a cute face, how can you stop from mushing him up? I'm glad christine got to get a bit of snow this year. She looks happy! Your husband's bird looks like a hammerhead shark! lol

  2. Your 'visitor' gave me a chuckle ;)
    Your hubby sounds like he has a great sense of humor. Love his snow bird too.


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