Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

This is a very special day for Americans, honoring all veterans of our military. Those who have served to protect us, and continue to protect us so we may enjoy our freedom here in America.
My husband was in the United States Navy , and that is when I had first met him.
I was so proud to have dated a man that was in the military. I must say, he looked so handsome in his uniform too!
For all of the wonderful veterans, I thank you, for everything you are doing for me, my family and America,

As I went driving down the road with my daughter today we saw how the front of her school was decorated. My daughters social studies teacher had asked all the students to bring in American flags to his classroom...(I thought to decorate his classroom)...
I didn't know what he had planned! As we drove past the school, I couldn't believe my eyes! Her teacher had painted the big rock in front of the school with an American flag and he had put all the American flags that the students had brought in to him on the fence! He also put a note on the fence thanking all the Veterans.
We quickly went home to get our camera...we just had to get pictures of what her wonderful teacher had done. :)


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