Friday, November 27, 2009


My husband and I

Our Family

Our thanksgiving day was absolutely wonderful!
We had such a great time. :)
It was so nice to be all together sharing this wonderful day. We have so much to be thankful for.
We went to our friends house for a big feast! There was turkey and all the fixings :)
and many, many desserts. They have the most beautiful home I have ever been in, it is absolutely stunning!
I snapped some fantastic photos yesterday, and some were taken of us..I think we have our Christmas card picture for this year!
The family always puts up such a fuss over taking the picture, but this is one thing that is so very important to me. I am proud of my family. We usually only do a picture of the kids every year for our Christmas card..but the kids are getting older now. I think a family photo is so nice to have..(although they might not agree with me!)
I guess I have taken way too many pictures over the years and have worn them out. ;)

I was thinking of starting a new cross stitch today..a Christmas design.
Perhaps maybe! :)

I know for sure that I am staying far away from any store!

With Raggedystitches,

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  1. Wonderful pics from what sounds and looks like a wonderful day!!


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