Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sewing Box

I have made another small sewing box out of a Whitman's candy tin.
I used a pink tin this time, so pretty!
I stitched up Blackbird Designs "Small Token" on 25 count Lugana..which made the design much bigger in size. It fits the top of the lid nicely.

I used cardboard and cut to size with some batting for the lid and inside of the box.
I hot glued everything. (love that hot glue gun!) :)
I used pretty pink felt for keeping pins and needles..cut into a heart shape. On the bottom I used sticky back pink felt.

I am asking my husband to take me to the Russel Stover outlet again soon..I just LOVE decorating tins! They have so many different ones to choose from there.

My son surprised me and bought me a Juicy Fruit gum tin he found at Rite Aid. Just the perfect size for my crochet needles. :)
I just LOVE tins!

Today is a beautiful day outside.
We are hopefully going to put up our Christmas tree today.

Wishing you all a blessed day today!


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