Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Raggedy Ann Ornaments

I have had many friends inquiring about my Raggedy Ann ornaments.
I thought I should put a post about them :)
These were quite simple to make, I didn't have a pattern for them..just my own idea.

A lot of you wanted to know how to make your own..
I will try my best to explain how I made them.

I used muslin fabric that I had tea dyed (for a vintage look), I used thin batting for in between the circles
I cut the front, back, AND batting circles with pinking shear scissors to prevent fraying.
I placed a folded piece of ribbon for hanging in between layers, then top stitched all three layers together with a straight stitch.

I went to the craft store and picked out a chunky deep colored red yarn for the hair...
I cut pieces of the yarn and folded them in half, tying a knot in the end.
I hot glued each "knot" to the front face of the Raggedy Ann ornament.

I then used acrylic black paint for the eyes...dipping the end of a wooden dowel in the paint and "dotting" each eye for her face (makes perfect circles!)
I Then used a thin brush with red paint and with freehand painting, painted her triangle nose, and the tiny heart for the center of her mouth.

After the eyes, nose, and tiny heart for the mouth were dry..I then took an ultra fine Micron pen (great for fabric!).... and drew the details..such as the eyelashes, mouth lines, and eyebrows.

I tore red fabric into strips and tied bows..hot glue that onto the face of Raggedy Ann, just under her mouth!

I used my covergirl powder blush with a stencil brush and "blushed" her cheeks!

I think this covers everything..they really aren't hard to make at all...
I enjoy doing anything Raggedy Ann..I just LOVE this doll to pieces!

Have fun and happy crafting!



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