Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

America will never forget this day.
It was the day so many lives were lost.
This video was posted by a friend of mine, and thought I would share it.
It surely brought tears to my eyes.
I still pray for all the families that have lost loved ones.
I will never forget.

Many years ago, while we visited the Statue Of Liberty, I had snapped a picture of my children. They were little back then. My daughter with her Raggedy Ann..that doll traveled with her wherever she went. I realized when looking at the picture...there stood the Twin Towers of New York City behind my children in this very picture.


  1. Yes let us not forget this day in history.

    That picture is something to hold close to your heart.

    Happy Birthday to me!!!! Remember to say a prayer or do something special for someone else today!!!!!

  2. What an absolutely beautiful post Louise. Thank you for remembering this day and reminding us all of what it is to be a proud American.


  3. I, too, will never forget this day. My son refers to it as his half birthday as his birthday is 3/11. What a neat photo you have of your family with the towers in the back. This picture makes it so much more real...what a great post!


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