Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I have researched the art of rusting..and have found a recipe that I decided to try this morning.
It is a two day process, and I hope it really works as the tutorial says!
I gathered up my items and set out to Rust!
I purchased the safety pins at a local dollar store. I have heard the cheaper the better, and they work great for rusting..
Rusted items look great on homemade dolls and pillows.
Really can give that "Primitive" look that I love :)

This is everything in the jar..and what it looked like at the start:

After about an hour or so (I wasn't really watching the clock!)..This is what it looked like when I took a look out back:

Looks like something is in the works!
For the tutorial that I am using for this rusting technique,
you can go to the site I am using:

I will post again when this experiment is done..I will let you know if it worked.
(Keeping my fingers crossed!)


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  1. That looks cool! Think of all the things you could rust up! Buttons! Stars!


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