Tuesday, September 22, 2009

RAK Times 2 !

I received the most wonderful surprises in the mail!
My stitching friend Kim sent me this ADORABLE Prim Raggedy Ann embroidered pillow.
She will look so sweet in my home and will be perfect in my Raggedy collection, thank you so very much Kim!

My sweet sister in law Nicole surprised me with a magazine I was on the hunt for! It is called Cloth, Paper, Scissors.
Some really neat things in this issue. Thank you so much Nicole!

I had a wonderful day today celebrating my daughter's birthday. I can't believe she is now 14! It was an early release day from school, I picked her up early and had some fun things planned for her! She came home to balloons in the house waiting for her.We picked up her friend and we went to the pizzeria, then onto bowling, that was a lot of fun :) Then onto Cold Stone Creamery for some yummy ice cream!
Tonight we will have her choice of dinner and a special birthday cake.
Happy Birthday Sweetie!



  1. Oh wow she sure has gotten big! I can't believe she is already 14! Where has the time gone?? She sure look like you Louise! Such a beautiful young lady. What a blessing!!! What are you doing with the pins? Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. My sweet niece! So beautiful and full of life. Oh, what I would do to be 14 again...sigh...Hope she has a great year.
    Aunt Nicole


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