Saturday, September 26, 2009


This is a design by Carriage House Samplings.It is called Quaker House Samplers.
I have changed it up quite a bit. I wanted a more colorful design, and now that it is!
I added some teeny heart buttons, and have decided to make each seperate motif monochrome in color. No particular pattern of colors, just looked in my stash and picked out some bright pretty colors that I liked. :)
I added my families initials to this piece. I really wished that the chart had come with a graph for the initials that are supposed to be over 1, but it did not. So I just backstitched initials.

I have been "junkin" again! I took a trip over to my local Goodwill. I just LOVE that place! I could spend hours upon hours there. You meet the nicest people, and you can find the neatest treasures. As I look at the many items there, I often wonder why people get rid of certain items. I came across a book titled "Grandmother's book" is I believe a book that is supposed to be handed down to a Granddaughter. There were generations of names written in it, and little notes or memories written in it also.As I looked through it, It was hard to believe someone might send this onto me, it would be such a treasure.

I moved onto probably my favorite spot at goodwill, my treasure trove I call it! lol
The area where all the dishes and pots are....I am always on the hunt for corningware! Don't ask me why, I barely use the stuff, and I don't have any room left in my kitchen cabinets!. LOL!!
I just love it, I have a passion for owning it, collecting it. I don't have much of it, I just love the older pieces. It is fun to hunt for it too. :)
Lo and behold! To my surprise, I found a piece yesterday. A very small piece, but still there was one piece of corningware. Probably the size you can use for a dip for chips. The design is one that I have some of at home. It has vegetables on the side of it. It was in perfect shape, and only 2 dollars!
Then, I found a set of three mixing bowls that were so pretty also, they aren't corningware, but I just had to get them. I was surprised someone had also left them there. They look like my good dishes called Blue Danube. I also have a thing for anything Blue and White!
They are in perfect condition.
So pretty!
I also picked up a pretty glass bowl.

I can't wait till my next trip back to Goodwill!, But, this time I will also be bringing my own bag to drop off of things I don't need anymore. :)



  1. very pretty Louise!! I love the color changes you made!

  2. Love your Quaker piece! Very colorful. I too enjoy going to Goodwill. When we went to ladies retreat we were laughing because the guys go and clay shoot and there we were going to Goodwill! Have a blessed day!


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