Saturday, September 5, 2009


When we first married, we wanted to take in a pet.
After our honeymoon we settled into our apartment in Florida. I was home a lot in the apartment, and felt that a bird might keep me plenty company while my husband was at work.
My husband Patrick agreed that a bird would be a great companion for us, and a wonderful pet indeed!
So, off we went together to check out some pet stores....
The first one we went to, we saw just two cockatiels...
one of them we really liked a lot.. (which would turn out to be our pet bird) but left to go to other pet stores... we didn't want to rush with this very big decision! We wound up going back to the very first store and purchased what would be a wonderful choice for us.
We bought the bird, and a pretty green cage for him.
As we drove home, we picked a name for him..."SUNNY"..for the circles on his cheeks were as bright as the SUN!

What a wonderful choice we made that very day, all those years ago.
Our dear beloved "SUNNY" is now 23 1/2 years old and has proven to be the BEST and most WONDERFUL pet in the whole world. He has given us so much enjoyment and unconditional love! We taught him how to of those whistles being the tune "here comes the bride". :)

Sunny is now getting older, and you can tell he is slowing down with age.
He doesn't like to be held as much anymore, understandably so.
He is an old man! He has seen a lot in all these years...the comings and goings of all the happenings in our lives, the introductions of our children into our family.
The happy times, the sad times. If only "Sunny" could speak..the things he could tell! We will always love Sunny, he will always be very special to us...
Not everyone might understand this...perhaps only someone with the love of a dear pet.


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  1. I totally understand how you feel about Sunny! What a sweetie!!
    Wow.....I can imagine how attached you are to him, and how much he is loved!!


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