Saturday, August 8, 2009

Trip To Florida

We recently took a trip to Florida.The drive down is always a long one. I make sure I take my stitching along! I worked on my Ida Mae Crow. She is coming along nicely :)
We saw some pretty cloud formations in the sky, I made sure I took some nice pictures on the way.
It was nice to visit good friends and our old hometown again.
We had a nice time in Saint Augustine and I was able to shop in all the wonderful places that I have missed so very much! We also went to Ripley's believe it or not..some interesting things in there to see.. I visited with some of my dear friends, and it was good to catch up with them again. I sure wish I could have seen everyone on my list, but we only visited for a short while. I hope to see some more friends next trip we take. Our daughter had a nice time with her friend she hasn't seen in a while.
I went to a quilt shop that I absolutely love called the Olde Green Cupboard My friend Lynn works there. I took plenty of pictures in the shop, as you can see! It was so beautifully decorated for the Fall. Sure wish my home looked as pretty as this shop. I picked up a couple of wonderful Quaker style cross stitch charts there. Can't wait to start on them.
Made sure to stop in all the local craft stores that I don't have back home in NC.
Found the cutest little wire baskets.
I had a bit of a setback when I hurt my knee. I wasn't quite sure what was wrong, but I was in a lot of pain! I had trouble walking and decided it would be best to go to the doctor. My knee was swollen. I was told it was tendonitis, and was given meds to take which brought the swelling down and now I feel much better. So glad it was nothing major.
Looking forward to my weekend ahead, hope to get some sewing and stitching time in.
Monday comes all too fast.


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous time except for the complications on your knee. Glad to hear it wasn't too serious and you are doing better. You snapped some great photos. I have stitched the crow sampler by Homespun Elegance that you purchased quite some time ago. I love birds, especially blackbirds. My eye is drawn to the quilt sampler it looks like it would be fun to stitch and it looks like a project that is "so you".

  2. too bad when I was living in Florida, I hadnt learned how to stitch or even heard of it yet, they have lots of great lns there. darn I moved away in 1993 and have been away since. Oh well, maybe when I retire and we move to Florida with any luck they will still be around .lol.

  3. What a lovely shop. I wish I could touch everything in there! I wish we lived closer so that we could go to places like that together. I'm so glad that you all had a nice time, and especially glad that your knee is feeling better :) Take it easy, you'll need your energy for all the work you have ahead of you! lol... Wishing you good luck and God's blessings.


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