Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a wonderful day, Spent with an old friend!

We had some visitors today. A dear friend from Florida Vickie, and her daughter Megan.
We had such a nice time. They were passing through on the way back home. Hubby barbequed lunch for us, while we caught up on our lives and spent some wonderful time together. Our daughter was so happy to be with her old best friend again.
While they were visiting family in NC, they adopted two baby bunnies!
They brought the new babies to our house ....
now, you all KNOW how I feel about bunnies :)!!!
I almost didn't let them back out the door again!
They were adorable.
We had lots of fun letting them roam around my daughters bedroom.
There is nothing sweeter than holding a baby bunny in your arms. They are so precious!
It was so nice to see my dear friend again. This made for a very happy day for our daughter too! :)


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  1. catching up with friends is the best!!!! And when you include bunnies, even better!!! We raised bunnies when the kids were in 4-H!!!


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