Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th Of July!

Hope you all have a wonderful day today with family and friends.
I am baking as I type this, cupcakes , cookies and brownies for a big bbq down by the lake beach. We will be spending time with very dear friends today. It is always a fun time jet-skiing and relaxing while catching up with "what's new" with everyone! (I can't wait to catch some speed on a jet-ski!)
I saw this freebie posted, and thought I would put it on my blog in case anyone missed it. It is the cutest freebie I have ever seen of Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty!
I hope to find the time to stitch it one day.

The picture is at the top of this post..cute right? :)
The freebie is offered by
for the freebie, CLICK HERE!

God Bless you all this Fourth Of July,
but most of all,

Raggedy Stitches,


  1. Happy 4th to you too Louise! Hope it was a lot of fun for you all. Thanks for the very cute freebie. I look forward to stitching it someday soon.
    Love you,

  2. That is an adorable finish! How cute! Thank you for the link. Happy belated July 4th to you!


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