Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies

A friend will be visiting me tomorrow. An old friend from Florida.
She requested that I bake my chocolate chip cookies that she loves. Everyone seems to love my chocolate chip cookies so much! There is a secret to my cookies, and I am going to tell those of you that visit my blog my secret :)
I guess it is a good thing you visit my blog, now you will be the only ones that will know this very neat tip. When you bake your chocolate chip cookies, you will also get everyone loving your cookies too!
Now I do hope you tell them where you got the secret from, and I do hope you pass on the kindness. It is good to share the good news right?

Ok, well, the recipe really isn't my recipe at all..but, I have tweaked the recipe just a "little" bit!
I use the nestle toll house recipe for my chocolate chip cookies.
Click on the link here for the recipe:

Nestle Toll House Cookies

Now, for every batch that you make...ADD 1/4 EXTRA cup of flour!
This helps keep your cookies nice and plump, they won't flatten out on you. (Well, they shouldn't. My cookies used to come out like pancakes until I learned this secret a long time ago.)
I ALSO sprinkle my chocolate chip cookies with 10x confectioners powdered sugar.
Since I have been doing this to my chocolate chip cookies, I have had rave reviews.

Everywhere I go now, people want to know what recipe I use, or what I do to my cookies to make them taste so good! ;)

Now, please, don't blame me when you are asked to bake these a million times over and over by everyone, it isn't my fault.
They are just so good...
and yes..I am just about worn out from baking myself! :)




  1. YUM! I can smell them from here!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. they look, to figure out how to get them thru the computer screen!!!
    Gotta love CC cookies!!!


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