Friday, July 24, 2009

The Charm of Raggedy Ann

I found this article on the internet, and thought it was wonderful, I just had to share!
The Enduring Charm of Raggedy Ann And Andy
Why Are These Simple Cloth Dolls Such Perennial Collector Favorites?

By Denise Van Patten

* raggedy ann
* raggedy andy
* cloth dolls
* georgene
* knickerbocker dolls

"Silsby Georgene Raggedy Ann and Andy"

Georgene Raggedy Ann and Andy, Silsby Tags

Recently, a family brought their family dolls to me for an appraisal. This family had some wonderful dolls--including about 10 various Raggedy Anns and Andys from several decades! There were Georgene Raggedy Anns and Andys (several, different sets, including some with rarer "Silsby" tags and an Ann with rare vertical leg stripes!) some early Knickerbocker dolls, even a Georgene Beloved Belindy. I was entranced by the dolls, and thrilled to have them in my possession for awhile, yet a few years ago, as a confirmed collector of modern fashion dolls AND antique bisque dolls, I wouldn't have given them a second look, and would have instead spent all of my time oohing and aahing over the completely mint 1950s vinyl Cissy. Now, however, I'm one of many collectors that are subject to the enduring charm of Raggedy Ann and Andy.

Why Do Collectors Collect Raggedy Ann and Andy?

To a collector of Ann and Andy, this seem like a silly, rhetorical question. But, to other doll collectors, this deserves a fair answer--after all, Ann and Andy are made of cloth, sometimes more at home with a display of cloth and nursery toys than with an average doll collection. Ann and Andy, however, have an incredible history. Raggedy Ann and Andy have been in commercial production since 1920, which qualifies them as an antique doll, a vintage doll, and a modern doll. I cannot think of any other doll that span such a long history--in fact, I played with one as a child, as did my grandmother, mother, and daughter! The history alone makes Raggedy Ann and Andy remarkable.

Great Design and An Emotional Attachment

But, there's more. Sometimes, simple designs are the best, and the design of Ann and Andy is classic and clean--two button eyes, red yarn hair, that classic triangle nose. Ann in her flowered dress, Andy in his overalls. A simple doll, made for a child to hold and love, and pleasing to the eye of a collector. Children might play all day with an American Girl doll or a Barbie, but they are going to tuck into bed at night with a Raggedy Ann. Collectors, of course, still remember this emotional attachment to Ann and Andy from their childhood.

Oh, The Variety!

Ok, they are simple, but they aren't boring! One great thing about Raggedy Ann and Andy for a collector are the many companies that have produced them, and the endless variety in faces, cloths, labels and details. Ann and Andy have been made, over the years, by the following companies (among others): Volland, Molly-'es, Georgene, Knickerbocker, and Applause. The doll have been made in every size from miniature to gigantic. And, in the introduction to this article, I mentioned some of the interesting variations--vertical leg stripes are rare and desirable, as are stockings done in other colors, such as blue. Some dress prints are very rare. There are variations to the faces. And, there are even additional characters in the Raggedy Ann and Andy universe that are highly sought after, such as Beloved Belindy, Uncle Clem, and the Camel with The Wrinkled Knees).

Money Talks

Collectors, of course, are always fascinated by valuable things, and Raggedy Ann and Andy doesn't disappoint in this regard. A set of Volland Raggedy Ann and Andys (circa 1920s) can set a collector back $3,000, as much as a find French bisque antique doll. Early Georgene Black-outlined nose Anns and Andys are just as expensive, as is a Georgene Beloved Belindy.

Starting a Collection

Even though some of the early Raggedy Ann and Andys are so valuable, you can collect Raggedy Ann and Andy on any budget. Many talented artists make Anns and Andys today at very reasonable prices. Applause is currently producing wonderful Raggedy Anns and Andys ranging in price from $5.99 to a pocket-sized Ann or Andy to $60 for a 48" size. Plus, if a little wear is not an issue, there are lovely late Georgene and many Knickerbocker Anns and Andys from the 1950s to 1970s that can be added to a vintage collection.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a wonderful day, Spent with an old friend!

We had some visitors today. A dear friend from Florida Vickie, and her daughter Megan.
We had such a nice time. They were passing through on the way back home. Hubby barbequed lunch for us, while we caught up on our lives and spent some wonderful time together. Our daughter was so happy to be with her old best friend again.
While they were visiting family in NC, they adopted two baby bunnies!
They brought the new babies to our house ....
now, you all KNOW how I feel about bunnies :)!!!
I almost didn't let them back out the door again!
They were adorable.
We had lots of fun letting them roam around my daughters bedroom.
There is nothing sweeter than holding a baby bunny in your arms. They are so precious!
It was so nice to see my dear friend again. This made for a very happy day for our daughter too! :)



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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies

A friend will be visiting me tomorrow. An old friend from Florida.
She requested that I bake my chocolate chip cookies that she loves. Everyone seems to love my chocolate chip cookies so much! There is a secret to my cookies, and I am going to tell those of you that visit my blog my secret :)
I guess it is a good thing you visit my blog, now you will be the only ones that will know this very neat tip. When you bake your chocolate chip cookies, you will also get everyone loving your cookies too!
Now I do hope you tell them where you got the secret from, and I do hope you pass on the kindness. It is good to share the good news right?

Ok, well, the recipe really isn't my recipe at all..but, I have tweaked the recipe just a "little" bit!
I use the nestle toll house recipe for my chocolate chip cookies.
Click on the link here for the recipe:

Nestle Toll House Cookies

Now, for every batch that you make...ADD 1/4 EXTRA cup of flour!
This helps keep your cookies nice and plump, they won't flatten out on you. (Well, they shouldn't. My cookies used to come out like pancakes until I learned this secret a long time ago.)
I ALSO sprinkle my chocolate chip cookies with 10x confectioners powdered sugar.
Since I have been doing this to my chocolate chip cookies, I have had rave reviews.

Everywhere I go now, people want to know what recipe I use, or what I do to my cookies to make them taste so good! ;)

Now, please, don't blame me when you are asked to bake these a million times over and over by everyone, it isn't my fault.
They are just so good...
and yes..I am just about worn out from baking myself! :)



Friday, July 17, 2009

Finished Stitchery, and Updates

I have been busy working on a Halloween stitchery. Yes, you heard me right! is now one of my favorite things to stitch on. I know, a little early right? Well, not too early for me! I just LOVE anything Halloween, I always have. Love the decorations, love that time of year. The Fall/Autumn is my favorite time of year, with the pumpkins, the cool crisp air, the smell of apples pies baking..ooooh! I can't wait! When my kids were little, I used to sew them costumes, I just loved filling those little bags with candy in anticipation of all those cute children coming to my door. Sooo..I have decided it is time to start stitching and get in the mood for this season during the summer. :)I stitched up "Halloween Icons" by Birds of a Feather.
This chart came with 32 count Meadow Lark Linen...
Hail to those that can stitch on this type of linen.
This was very difficult for me.
I was a little bit discouraged. I think age is finally affecting my eyes!
I had a difficult time. I do like my stitches even, and try to at least get the stitches in the right holes! It doesn't seem the case with this work of art. lol
I am very glad this MIGHT be considered "primitive"..for, I think I made it even more primitive with my specialty uneven stitches. ;)
I will be framing these in small black square frames I hope to find soon. (I think I spotted some at Michaels craft store)
Yes! Those are candy corn...
found them in my pantry (middle of July)- DON'T ASK! ha ha

I have also been doing some embroidery type stitching on a pillowcase. I have always admired blue and white stitchery. I picked these pillowcases up at Ben Franklin Craft Store. They are just follow the lines. I have decided to do a straight stitch (I have trouble with the stem stitch) Will have to work on that! I also have been stitching lazy daisy stitches and french knots too. I am using DMC Floss. Pretty I think..and they work up fast, almost done with one!

I have decided to try coffee dying some fabric...soaked it, then scrunched it..then baked it..then rubbed some coffee grinds on it...then scrunched it again, then baked it some more at a low temperature in the oven...
this is how it came out:

Some new things! Love the cute little garden flag. Found it at Michaels Craft Store. It is one of the new items for this Fall. Reminds me of the Mary Englebreit cross stitch design of the little witch. So adorable! :)
Hoping to start the new chart "Ida Mae Crow" by the Goode Huswife, really soon, along with "Miniature Samplers" by Homespun Elegance, and "Buttons & Pins" by Blackbird Designs.Also picked up a pair of neat little scissors. These are Kelmscott Designs, Putford Scissors. Love them!

I have been trying to stitch a little bit each night, even if it is only just for a little while. there is so much I want to do, and so much I want to stitch! :)


Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July

We had a really nice time on 4th of july. The night before we attended the Lowes/YMCA fireworks. Took a shuttle bus to get there...didn't want to get stuck in all that traffic. Lots and lots of people there as always. The fireworks were wonderful.
We went to two parties, one was at the lake.
The food was great, but while we feasted on all things good, the
mosquitos feasted on me! arrggh! Glad I brought along some spray for that..
The weather was perfect, so glad it didn't rain.

Raggedy Stitches,

4th of July

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th Of July!

Hope you all have a wonderful day today with family and friends.
I am baking as I type this, cupcakes , cookies and brownies for a big bbq down by the lake beach. We will be spending time with very dear friends today. It is always a fun time jet-skiing and relaxing while catching up with "what's new" with everyone! (I can't wait to catch some speed on a jet-ski!)
I saw this freebie posted, and thought I would put it on my blog in case anyone missed it. It is the cutest freebie I have ever seen of Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty!
I hope to find the time to stitch it one day.

The picture is at the top of this post..cute right? :)
The freebie is offered by
for the freebie, CLICK HERE!

God Bless you all this Fourth Of July,
but most of all,

Raggedy Stitches,