Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pillowcases with Roses

Well, I have been sewing all day today. I completed sewing four pillowcases for our bedroom. God Bless my dear husband Patrick,for he doesn't mind how I decorate in our home..when he goes up to sleep tonight..he will now be sleeping on pillowcases that have a rose print all over them! I also made pillowcases with a smaller flower design..but haven't taken a picture of them yet..
I put the white Metalasse coverlet on the bed and it looks very pretty.
Wasn't sure if I should get cream color or white, but now I am very happy I did go with the white!
I like the antique look of it.
I would like to get back to working on my lap quilts that I have started.
But for now I have to get dinner started for the family..
I will be grilling out back..hope it doesn't blow up in my face again..the last time I burned all the hair off my arm!

Can't believe tomorrow is Monday and I will be back to work again.
The weekend goes way too fast!



  1. Hi Luigi!

    Your pillowcases are very pretty.


  2. your pillowcases are so pretty!

  3. Louise , you never fail to make my day with your lovely finishing and ideas. iwish you lived closer and could help me do stuff you do to my I'm not very creative in the sewing department and you love raggedy anns just like


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