Thursday, June 18, 2009

Drive down my Avenue!

My son was out and about somewhere in NC with his friend driving around.
He surprised me with a picture he took of an Avenue they spotted.
An Avenue with my name!
How neat is that?
(click on photo for larger image)


Sunday, June 14, 2009


I have always had a thing for rainbows..
They are so beautiful. I believe it is God's way of telling us, that although we will face the rains, the rainbows too will come our way.
There was a saying I found on a sticker after my daughter was born. After our daughter endured so much with her open heart surgery as an infant..we were so worried about her future...The sticker said just a few short words,
"After the Rain the Rainbow"
It's almost as if God promises us that it will all be ok after all.
I have always held tightly onto that saying in my heart, for it seems that each event that passes in my life that seems too difficult, eventually we do get through it.
After all..if you wait, the rainbow does appear after the rain. You just have to look for it!~

On our drive home from a long journey the past couple of days for the funeral of a very dear friend of ours..we drove through a bad storm. Then the skies opened up, and the sun peeked through. My son said from the back seat "Hey! Look out the window~" There to our surprise was a pretty rainbow.

Perhaps a promise that our dear friend is indeed in the arms of Jesus.


Bunny Love :)

Captured a wonderful picture of our dear Peter Rabbit!
He is such a cutie:)

I know he missed us while we were away.
We missed him too.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Girl!

We are so very proud of our daughter!
She had tried out for the treble choir at school and was so patiently waiting to hear if she made it into the class for next year. She was just beaming today when I picked her up from school. She made it!! Hooray for Christine! I just knew she would make it. Our daughter has the voice of an angel. She sings so pretty. We cannot wait to hear her sing in her school concerts next year.
What's even better is, when I checked her backpack, there was a certificate for Honor Roll for the school year!
We are VERY proud parents.
We are teaching our children to do their best, and to be all they can be.
Looks like she is doing a great job of it!

We love you Christine! xo


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pillowcases with Roses

Well, I have been sewing all day today. I completed sewing four pillowcases for our bedroom. God Bless my dear husband Patrick,for he doesn't mind how I decorate in our home..when he goes up to sleep tonight..he will now be sleeping on pillowcases that have a rose print all over them! I also made pillowcases with a smaller flower design..but haven't taken a picture of them yet..
I put the white Metalasse coverlet on the bed and it looks very pretty.
Wasn't sure if I should get cream color or white, but now I am very happy I did go with the white!
I like the antique look of it.
I would like to get back to working on my lap quilts that I have started.
But for now I have to get dinner started for the family..
I will be grilling out back..hope it doesn't blow up in my face again..the last time I burned all the hair off my arm!

Can't believe tomorrow is Monday and I will be back to work again.
The weekend goes way too fast!


Saturday, June 6, 2009


My neighbors hydrangeas are in full bloom now. While visiting with Peter Rabbit today I decided to take my camera outside and snap some photos. The flowers are the prettiest shades of Blue!

I have been inspired with all the pretty flowers blooming. I am going to make some new pillowcases for my bedroom with pretty roses on them. I picked up a new white metalasse coverlet for our bedroom and think it will lighten up the room for the summertime.
I will post pictures of the finished pillowcases when I am done sewing them up!

p.s. also a picture of the property that is between us and our is so park-like! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Busy Baking and Framing...

I finally survived the terrible migraine that I suffered this past weekend. It lasted two and a half days. I just hate migraines so much! I was recently switched from my name brand medication to generic (which is not as expensive)..but for some reason since switching I have been getting multiple migraines a week. I had to call into work today, something I don't often do. I spent the whole day in bed, but thank goodness, I am feeling much better tonight.
I should really be asleep right now, have to get up early tomorrow..but It feels so good to feel good again, that I have been doing some things tonight.
I baked a vanilla cake with fresh whipped cream and strawberries (YUM!), and I also framed the cross stitched piece I recently just posted. (Black Needles).
I found the most perfect frame for it at Michaels craft store tonight.
My sweet daughter is so nervous, she will be trying out for the treble choir tomorrow in school for next year. She wants to make it so badly. She does have a beautiful voice, and I just hope the teacher thinks so too!
I received a phone call today from one of her teachers. She will be receiving an award at a ceremony for being one of the top students. She is a very smart girl, and we are very proud of her!
We are very blessed,


Time Flies...

As I look at my children, I wonder where the time went?
It seems like only yesterday that I was holding them as infants.
I cherished every moment with them while they were little.
So many memories! We just celebrated our sons 19th birthday. I cannot believe he is now a grown man. Sometimes I look at pictures and truly wished that I could go back, if only for a moment.
But, I do enjoy every present moment too, just in a different way.
They don't seem to want me squeezing them as much now, although I try to get in as many hugs as I can!
I think God knew his plan for me.
He knew I needed to be a Mom. For I love my children, and it is the greatest joy in my life. I am so thankful to God for giving me my beautiful children, Patrick and Christine.