Sunday, May 31, 2009

Black Needles

I saw this freebie design today on a blog and fell in love with it immediately!
I quickly gathered up my DMC #310 black and stitched this design on 25 count cream Lugana.
It really stitched up rather quickly.
If interested in this freebie, you can find it here:


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Tiny Treasure Tins

I made these over the past couple of days. I found the cutest little mini Altoid tins at the grocery store yesterday! I decided after making the regular sized tin, to make a miniature treasure tin for myself..of course, had to stitch a bunny on it :)
You can put anything you like in these tins..buttons, treasures, needles.
I put a magnet inside the lid to hold needles, pins. I put sticky back felt on the bottom to give it a nice look.
If you need a tutorial on how to make these adorable can check this site out..although I did it a bit differently (I used a hot glue gun!) I have no patience (LOL)...
This is a GREAT tutorial and a wonderful blog I have found on the web:

I am on a roll..and I think I want to make more of these. They stitch up quickly, and are so much fun, and make wonderful gifts!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Picking Peonies!

I sat outside with my neighbor next door for a little while tonight...
we picked some peonies from her plant in front of her house. They are absolutely gorgeous!
As I walked past her garage, I laid eyes on a basket she had sitting in there.
I mentioned how I liked the basket (thinking how perfect a sewing basket this would be!)...she asked me if I wanted it!
So, I traveled home (next door) lol with my basket of flowers.
I was so happy :)
My little outing was indeed a sweet treat tonight!

Raggedy stitches,

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Birthday, and Updates...

I have quite a few things to post about..
I had a lovely time today for my birthday. I cannot believe another year has gone by!
I did work today, and when I went into the quilt shop, Pat had surprised me with the most delicious cake that she had baked for me! It was absolutely yummie :)
I came home to many birthday messages on my answering machine, made me smile! My daughter wasn't feeling too good, was about to take her to the doctor, but she decided she didn't want to go. I hope she doesn't get any worse, I am hoping it is just a cold that has come on, and that she will get better soon.
I received a bunch of cards in the mail, and also in email! thank you to those of you that sent cards and are perhaps reading this right now. I also received so many sweet goodies:) There are some things I received not so long ago that I haven't had time to take pictures of and post as of yet, but I am going to post them now.

My Dear Sweet Husband , Patrick arrived home tonight with purple flowers for me and a big chocolate cake, Chocolate Haagen-Dazs ice cream, and two bars of turtle chocolate..he told me this is for a chocolate "overload"!! Gotta love this man!
We went out to dinner at the "Captain's Galley" of my favorite places to eat.
I am now waiting on my son to get home to have the candles lit on my chocolate cake..the night cannot end without the family singing happy birthday!

I received some really special things for my birthday. Sarah at work made me the neatest sewing pouch. (I have been hinting that I wanted one for the longest time)!
She is so very talented at sewing :)
I opened up my mailbox today and found a special package from my dear friend Jackie in PA. She sent me some stash! What a wonderful surprise to see a Little House Needleworks chartpack "The Traveling Stitcher", with fabric and Crescent Colors Threads. I just LOVE this!! :) (I just noticed that one of the threads are named "Ladybug" SWEET!)
One of my dear friends, Elaine in NY does beading, she made me the sweetest bracelet with hearts and also sent me candles with ladybugs on them. I also received a sweet angel pin from Michelle, snoopy notepads from my dear friend Lasandra, and Pat at work made me an initial embroidered tag . Love it!

As I sat here, My son came home from work..he handed me a card and a box of candy. I was brought to tears! He wrote the most beautiful things inside the card. I am so very blessed. This I know.

These are some wonderful things I have received recently from some of my dear stitching friends....
Mady sent me Raggedy Ann and Andy Cross Stitch charts! I couldn't believe my eyes when I pulled these from my mailbox that day! Thank you again so much Mady!

Katie sent me Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls! How sweet they are! Thank you again Katie :)

I have been sewing charm squares together of Mary Englebreit fabric..not sure what I am making with it..but just couldn't resist the designs! these strips are not sewn together as of yet...but perhaps I will make a lap quilt..yes, yes, I know, I know..yet ANOTHER pieced together top, that will probably go UNFINISHED! HA HA,,,just like me ...always starting something new and never finishing it..always the way of a quilter, stitcher, sewer, NO?
(click image to see fabrics in larger view)

Happy Birthday to me!

Blessings to you,
with Raggedy Stitches,

Friday, May 8, 2009

Babies have arrived!

I have been watching a nest of Cardinals outside my window for a little while now...
It is so sweet to see both Momma and Daddy bird feeding and taking care of their new babies after they hatched from the eggs.
The little ones have finally left the nest today...
Momma and Daddy are close by, still taking care of the little ones, making sure they are safe..
not long before they spread their wings and fly....