Sunday, April 26, 2009

Trip to Gastonia North Carolina

I took a trip with my husband Patrick to Gastonia North Carolina this past weekend.
What a nice day trip it was. We first stopped in to see the grounds of the Belmont Abbey College and beautiful Catholic Church that is there. I was able to get some really pretty photos. Our daughter was with us, and we had a really nice time there. The weather was just perfect for walking around the campus, we decided to stay there to have lunch. We also stopped in the Gift shop on campus and picked up some rosary rings for our pockets :)
After our visit there, we drove further down the road and ventured into Mary Jo's Cloth Store , also in Gastonia. This is more like a Warehouse of fabrics. Lots to look at, and you definitely need a lot of time on your hands to be able to look around.
I picked up some things there, like a pair of scissors that I just couldn't resist!
They are the cutest Mundial rooster embroidery scissors. I have been wanting a pair of these for quite some time. I also picked up a couple of pieces of fabric I really liked too. Designs with Ants, ladybugs, and paper dolls too! I also purchased some short beading needles. I never seem to have enough of these for my needlework.
Although it was a long drive away, it was a nice day to take the trip. I like venturing out every once in a while to see other craft or fabric stores that are in North Carolina.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

A New Hutch for Peter Rabbit

My husband Patrick is so very talented!
Peter Rabbit needed a new hutch, as his was growing too small for him..or was he
growing too big? lol
The hutch he was living in was given to us by a dear friend..and it helped and was useful for a little while..but was definitely not big enough for our dear Peter!
My sweet husband worked so hard all this weekend to make a wonderful new home for our pet bunny....
and here it is!

Mighty fancy don't you think?
Peter Rabbit seems very happy ..and we are very happy for him!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Love's Joy Sampler

My latest finish is called Love's Joy Sampler. You can get the free chart for this design here! Love's Joy Sampler
This is a piece designed by Linda Culp Calhoun.
I found this design in a book titled "Love, Life & Laughter". I just love this book! It is filled with the most beautiful designs.
I stitched this on lugana evenweave, and used blue moon beads I found at Michaels craft store. I am so in love with blue moon beads! They are petite, and very similar to Mill Hill beads.
I shall frame this piece.
thanks for looking,

Monday, April 13, 2009

23 Years of Friendship and Love

What a wonderful Weekend we had. The weather was absolutely beautiful~!
We did some planting in our yard and had a big get together with family and friends.
It was a perfect celebration. The kids had fun coloring eggs, and Peter Rabbit was given lots of extra greens, apples and goodies to munch on for treats. :)
Patrick and I are now married 23 years. These past 23 years have been the best years of our lives. We are very blessed for the bond that we share. I remember the first time I laid eyes on my husband to be, he was the one for me. To me, he is the greatest man in the world. Couldn't have thought of a better way to celebrate than to be with our dear friends and family yesterday. We had a barbeque out back, and there were lots of delicious desserts too. I made a bunny cake and chocolate dipped strawberries!
Looking forward to all the rest of the many years together with my dear husband Patrick. :)

~Our children, Patrick and Christine~


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Peter Rabbit Grazing Out Back!

What a beautiful day it is here today in North Carolina!
I decided to bake an apple pie for my husband, and also whip up my favorite new treat, yellow squash in the oven. I was starting to organize some of my fabric and getting some laundry done. Because I am always doing a million things at once, nothing ever fully gets finished. :) But, I guess it is good I am keeping busy.
I spent a bunch of time today with my little furry friend Peter outside.
I put him in his grazing cage so he could get lots and lots of sunshine and roaming room. He just loves it in there, I can tell! I took a bunch of pictures of him and got some really good candid shots.

I thought I might put a note here on how I make my yellow squash..I really like how it comes out. It is my own made up recipe..and there really isn't any measurements for the just put in how much you want of each item (but I will put an approximate on measurements for you!) It really tastes good. I was experimenting one day and I threw together a bunch of stuff, and I really surprised myself with how good this came out. Hope you like it too!

RaggedyStitchers Yellow Squash Recipe:
I chopped up Yellow Squash into 1/2 inch pieces
placed the squash into a buttered baking dish
put in chopped onions
sprinkled with garlic powder
Sprinkled 1/2 cup Italian bread crumbs over Squash
Sprinkled 1/4 cup parmesan or romano cheese over top
drizzled 1/2 cup melted butter

Cover with foil and Bake at 350 degrees till the squash is tender..I think I did it for about an hour..

Now, you can change the measurements if you would like to more or less of each ingredient to your own taste..or add something else if you would like, or take something out...

It really is DELICIOUS!
here is a picture of the finished product..I made this today!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Box Full Of Memories and Special Surprises In The Mail...

I received a special box in the mail, and then, I also received another box too!
The first box I received the other day. It was a special box from my dear sister in law Nicole.....It was a very sentimental surprise. As I opened the box, so many memories were brought back to life for me.
Things that I thought were gone forever were sent back to me after all these years.
She knew I had been asking for certain items, and she made sure they came back to me.
She was able to secure certain items and send them my way..thank you Nicole! ;)
here you will see a very special box of goodies that I received this special day..
Look what's inside...My Smurf doll, Yes, I LOVE Smurf's! Mr. Super Pickle!
That was a thing of the 80's too. I couldn't believe he was found!! :)
Nicole even found fabric from when I was little with Raggedy Ann on it. How neat is that! Perfect for my Raggedy Ann stash. She also sent two quilt squares that we believe might have been made by my maternal Grandmother.Nicole also stitched the cutest Prim needle keep for me to keep my needles safe in. She knows how much I LOVE "PRIM" stuff! What was really touching, was what I found at the bottom of the box..there to my surprise where some shirts of my Dad's. It is so nice to finally be able to have "something" of my Father's to hold. This means more to me than anything ever could. For this I thank you Nicole.
What a neat surprise in the mail. My brother married such a sweet girl. Thank you Nicole from the bottom of my heart.

The other box I received is from my dear friend back in Florida, Avona. I sure do miss her! (waving, Hi Avona!!!) She sent me the cutest little cupcake stitched up, look how adorable it is! It is the perfect little pin cushion.
What a sweet surprise to receive in the mail.
She also sent me some great fabric. 25 count lugana potato fabric. Love that potato fabric! Avona, you are the best, thank you so very much.

I am so blessed.
This I know,